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7 Warning Signs That Your Home Needs A Furnace Repair!

It’s that time of year again when homeowners need to start preparing for winter, and if you haven’t already done so, you should turn on your furnace just to make sure that everything is working correctly.

It’s sometimes difficult for homeowners to recognize when they’re in need of a furnace repair, which is why we’ve developed this page oriented toward providing common warning signs associated with these issues.

Strange Smells Coming From Furnace

Although it’s normal for furnaces to smell a little strange when you turn them on for the first time during the fall, these smells should quickly dissipate within a matter of a few minutes.

Whenever abnormal furnace smells seemingly pop up out of nowhere, it’s a sign that you may need professional help. It could indicate a gas leak, or an excessive amount of dust that has compiled within your HVAC unit.

Starting Difficulties

It sometimes gets more difficult to start up a furnace when it’s older, and another common issue is having difficulty keeping your furnace running. If you have to start up your furnace multiple times a day, it’s a blatant red flag that a repair is necessary.

Although some older systems should be repaired, this type of dilemma could indicate a need for a replacement. Your HVAC technician will be able to help you weigh out your best options, and they’ll generally be ready to perform a repair before suggesting a new furnace.

Pilot Light Discoloration

You should also pay extra close attention to your furnace’s pilot light, because it’s supposed to remain blue. Whenever you see a different pilot light color, like yellow, it’s a warning sign that the unit is trying to let you know about.

It could be that there’s a ventilation issue, carbon monoxide influx, or other issues.

Not Enough Heat

If your furnace is doing its job to keep your home warm during the winter, then this is a clear enough sign that you should call your HVAC specialists. Not getting enough heat from your furnace can be frustrating, but it can also be dangerous when these systems kick out in the middle of the winter.

The best way to avoid getting caught off guard during the heart of the winter is to invest in seasonal maintenance this time of year, because your technician could help you fix a lingering issue before your furnace is desperately needed!

Consistent Noises

Furnaces are never silent, but they also shouldn’t be persistently annoying in terms of the sounds that they make. Whenever strange furnace sounds are consistent, it’s an indication of a serious repair problem.

Squealing sounds are often connected to fan or belt issues, and banging sounds are often connected to loose internal components. But no matter what types of sounds you’re currently hearing, you’re going to need an HVAC expert to check them out!

Bad Indoor Air Quality

Your furnace will directly impact the overall quality of your home’s indoor air, so when a system isn’t taken care of properly, it can sometimes lead to diminished air quality.

This is undoubtedly alarming because it can lead to all sorts of respiratory issues, so be sure to pay close attention to your home’s air quality as much as you can.

Carbon Monoxide Detector Tripping

Every furnace has its own carbon monoxide detector that helps homeowners better recognize the presence of toxic gasses throughout their property. Whenever your furnace’s detector gets tripped, it means you should open up all of your windows and leave your home for an extended period of time.

Your HVAC specialist will likely be able to help you resolve this dilemma, but you may also need support from your local gas company. This warning sign is so incredibly serious due to the risks of death associated with carbon monoxide poisoning, so this issue can never be neglected!

Contact The Furnace Repair Experts At Yoder HVAC To Learn More!

Furnace repairs are serious issues that homeowners can’t put off, and the fall months are a great time to get furnace repairs and better protect your property during the winter. Furnace repair specialists are also very busy during the winter months, which can make it more difficult to receive these services very quickly.

By checking out the link to the Yoder HVAC team located at the top of this page, you can speak directly with industry experts and let them know what concerns you have about your home’s furnace!

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