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The Best Mods For Minecraft

Right here you will find our selection of the best mods for Minecraft. Mods with which you will take everything from Minecaraft, whichever of them you download. They can simply improve lighting or slightly increase frames and they can create completely new worlds and other ways of playing.

But I warn you: not all mods are compatible with the latest version of Minecraft, and some require installing the old version of Forge to run. Fortunately, installing old mods is not complicated. Most mods are accompanied by instructions, but if they are not, then here's a mini-guide on how to make them work.

Each mod, of course, is magnificent in its own way, but it is worth noting that they can conflict with each other if you try to install some of them at the same time. If you are struggling with this or other problems, consider installing pre-built modpacks that are provided by Feed the Beast and Technic Platform. This is one of the easiest ways to quickly and easily play modified Minecraft.

1. Millenaire

How many times when exploring a new territory have you been met only by emptiness? Millenaire mod corrects this by introducing a lot of new content in a place where before there was nothing. Instead of village swamps, villages populated by men, women and children appear. Even the villages themselves were redone, and now there is a Norman, North Indian and Mayan village of the 11th century.

Download mod:

2. Modern Warfare

Modern Warfare Mod - will add military firearms, guns, rifles, pistols, assault rifles and military uniforms and armor to minecraft, weapons have 3D models, there are animations of use. If you want to shoot Minecraft with modern military weapons, then this mod is one of the best, more than 80 types of weapons will appear in the game, including pistols, submachine guns, rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns, grenades and even a bazooka.

Mod Showcase:

The weapon has its own sounds and physics, its effects in explosions, including smoke at the site of the explosion. Weapons support customization, changing skins and addon modules.

Download mod:

3. Skincraft

A simple free skin editor with good features, leaving a lot of room for your imagination. There is hardly a gamer who is not familiar with Minecraft. Of course, for many players, the question of how to create a unique character to stand out from the crowd is relevant. Naturally, you can download ready-made solutions made by other users, or you can use the Skincraft offered here and play for your own pleasure.

Download mod:

4. Rollercoaster

Mod on the coolest, huge, epic and just crazy roller coasters in Minecraft 1.7.10, for all the time that I saw! Download with the map and ride right now.

Download mod:

5. TekTopia

Meet the TekTopia mod! It greatly improves the artificial intelligence of residents, allows them to engage in various crafts and you can gradually develop your village with them in the whole city. Bring nomads to life, hire workers, trade with merchants and create your own unique, prosperous Minecraft town.

Download mod:

I hope you agree with my top of the best Minecraft mods, because I conducted an analysis on the download and reviews of you players. Therefore, this top is the most accurate among analogues!

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