Dump pin without prepayment / Bay cards / Equipment for carding

Dump pin without prepayment

Information that is needed for a card to get money from an ATM, this is a dump and a pin code.

How can a carder get hold of this unique information? After all, you can get a dump of a credit card pin without prepaying in various ways. But with a pin code, things are much more complicated, because this information is not on the card. Thus, if a fraudster steals only a dump, he will not be able to use this information when receiving funds from an ATM without a pin code.

Accordingly, the scammer needs to know both the dump and the pin code of the card with which he is going to withdraw money.

Options here is not enough. You can steal Kurt and elicit a code from the owner, threatening him. But there is no guarantee that the owner will say the correct code, and the criminal article “Attack” is worse than the article “Fraud”. The cardholder can always contact the police, or simply block his card in the bank.

But experienced carders have already invented a method of receiving and dump and pin code at the same time. After all, the only place where you can get complete information on the map is an ATM.

Scammers install special equipment that collects information about maps and is called a skimmer. It is installed in front of the ATM card reader.

When a person who wants to withdraw his money inserts a card into an ATM, the device reads the data. This data and gets a crook and you can but from online cvv shop.

Bay of cards

“Bay on the card” is a money laundering operation. This term implies two categories - this is the real Gulf and deception of the person receiving the payment.

In two of these categories, carder offers to make a profitable operation. Under the scheme, a large amount of money is transferred to the recipient’s account. This amount must be withdrawn from an ATM. Further, it is divided into two parts - the first part is sent to another account, and the second part is left as a reward.

The main point of this operation is to launder funds that have already been stolen. Money is initially transferred from a hacked, someone else's account, or using data cards that have been stolen. After an ordinary person passes someone else’s stolen money through his own account, he becomes the prime suspect of fraud. At the same time, the real criminal receives already laundered money. They come to him or, more often, to an electronic wallet, where it is more difficult to calculate the criminal.

During the investigation, law enforcement agencies always go for the victim, but it is always more difficult to reach the real criminal.

Many people agree to this way of earning, because it does not need to have special skills and abilities. You just need to walk to the ATM. Many people are not aware of the consequences, some have loans and a difficult financial situation, and this option of earnings may seem ideal to them. In addition, the overwhelming majority of people going to this illegal operation are students and schoolchildren who want to earn their first money.

However, it should be understood that the Gulf of money on the card is a form of carding. Accordingly, it is also prosecuted under the article "Fraud".

Carding Equipment

To make cards that look exactly like these, you need special carding equipment. And also definitely need white plastic. This plastic should be a piece of resistant plastic and have certain dimensions, just like a credit card.

The scheme itself of transforming an ordinary piece of white plastic into a credit card is quite complicated, requires practice and preparation, and has several stages.

Most often, carders use sublimation printing. To do this, they need the following equipment - a printer that prints the image directly on the plastic. When choosing a printer, it is necessary to study its characteristics. These printers are different, in different price categories.

Next is the lamination stage. Equipment such as an encoder allows you to apply a dump on the magnetic stripe of the card. With the help of an embosser, all the necessary information is put on the card - this is its number, name and expiry date of the card. Practically all embossers give the same quality output, the difference here is only in price, which depends on their manufacturer.

Thus, the general scheme of making a bank card will look as follows: printing an image; lamination; embossing; tipping; label banding; tape recording using a tipper.

The total price for all the necessary equipment for the card is from 3 to 4 thousand dollars.

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