Excited to Work Offshore? Read on

Are you looking for work that combines adventure and challenging opportunities? Does the thought of exploring Southeast Asia’s offshore spaces excite you? If yes, you might have already considered offshore jobs in Malaysia. Let us take a brief look at what this field offers.

First, let us understand what the term ‘offshore’ constitutes. It means any location that is outside of your national boundary, be it on land or water. Hence, offshore jobs refer to work opportunities that are available in areas outside of your country. Malaysia, being a coastal region, offers prospects on both land and water.

When it comes to business activities, choosing offshore is usually for outsourcing business functions such as manufacturing, call centres and the likes in countries besides the ones the business is commonly practiced. This is done in order to gain more favourable business conditions in terms of tax regulations and to make more business savings. Companies that wish to enjoy relaxed regulations usually prefer offshore areas for business. Foreign banks, corporations, investments and deposits constitute some of these. So, when you choose offshore jobs in Malaysia, these advantages for the companies would in turn reflect as beneficial for you.

Apart from these, the offshore industry constitutes oil and gas sector and the renewable wind energy sector. Making a career out of these lines of work is a good gateway to both entry-level as well as experienced job seekers. If you like working hard and are open to working in shifts, you would enjoy working in this industry.

Offshore jobs in Malaysia, and anywhere else, would require you to work somewhere between 12-14 hours a day, with rotating shifts too.

Offshore occupations are categorised into four main areas, namely, exploration, design and construction, installation, and operations and management. Overall, these include work in the fields of production, drilling, rigging, surveying, piping, wielding, diving, quality checks, as well as in health and safety, cooking and support staffing.

When it comes to kind of titles or roles involved, offshore jobs in Malaysia offer many different ones. Some of the roles you could explore are Offshore Installation Manager (OIM), Operations Team Leader (OTL), Offshore Operations Engineer (OOE), Offshore Rig Engineer, Offshore Structural Engineers, Operations Coordinator, Dynamic Positioning Operator, Automation Systems Specialist, Process Engineer, Drilling Engineers, Rigging Engineers, Well Head Engineers, Corrosion Engineers, Ballast Control Operator, Control Room Operators, Production Technicians, Maintenance Technicians, Field Technicians, Instrument Technicians, Offshore Piping Designers, QC Inspectors, Offshore Estimators, Crane Operators, Scaffolders, Coxswains, Helicopter Pilot, Pump Operator, Equipment Operators, Offshore Pipefitters, Well Services Supervisor, Coiled Tubing Operators, Driller, Roustabouts, Mud Engineer, Deckhand, Geologist, Welders, Electricians, Offshore Safety Coach, Cooking Staff and Healthcare Staff, among others.

Depending on your preferred choice of industry, you have immense opportunities for offshore jobs in Malaysia. This is a great way to expand your career avenues and enjoy a fulfilling professional life. Start by building a great resume or updating your existing one with tips online, and by making use of your professional as well as personal network, to reach the right job offer.

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