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Advantages and Disadvantages of Bubble Wraps for Packing and Moving Your Stuff

It doesn't mean that you'll be completely hands-off the tasks involved in changing residences just because you're hiring some movers in Southeast Michigan. Moving can be a very tedious task especially if you take some necessary actions into account such as planning and preparing, as well as packing your things securely so that the movers can transport them safely.

One of the most popular items of choice for packing things is the bubble wrap. However, many people are not exactly so well-informed about this item and may tend to misuse it, leading to negative effects. Hence, this article was created simply in order to summarize the simple facts about it such as the advantages and disadvantages of its usage. By looking into these facts about bubble wrap, you can be one step farther from messing up and committing mistakes during moving day!

Let’s look at the advantages first:

The first one, which may be most people’s reason in having bubble wrap as their top choice for packing material, is that it’s fun! It’s a weird wonder why almost all humans are engrossed by the bubble wrap and its popping, but the fact is undeniable. Some people even buy bubble wraps just for the sake of popping and not necessarily for packing materials; nonetheless it’s a common reason why bubble wrap is so popular. When packing your belongings, you won’t feel as stressed or exhausted because an element of amusement and fun becomes constantly present with bubble wraps around.

The second one, which is a more practical point, is that it’s flexible in a sense that bubble wraps are thin plastic mats which can be wrapped around any object no matter their shape or size. This means that you can use bubble wraps on anything and fit it anywhere! A number of people even use bubble wrap as insulation for their walls and windows.

The third advantage is that it’s secure. Since you can wrap it around pretty much anything, it gives holistic protection to any item from all angles. Just a note, though: most people wrap items in the wrong way. Rather than keeping the air-filled side of the bubble wrap on the exterior, it’s more secure if that side is actually in contact with the item it’s trying to protect, while the flat side goes outside.

Another advantage to bubble wraps is that they’re recyclable. You might have to restrain yourself from popping all the bubbles, and that’s some hard work, but as long as you succeed in keeping yourself at bay, you’ll be able to use this item a good few times. In this case, it doesn’t become much of a harm to the environment despite the fact that it’s made of plastic.

So with all these things laid out, you might be thinking: “Well, it’s definitely convenient and useful, isn’t it?” And you’re not wrong. But there are always two sides on a coin, which means that it’s inevitable for bubble wraps to have disadvantages, too.

Here are some of them:

Firstly, bubble wraps are highly flammable. This is due to the fact that they are made of plastic and contain air similar to that which we breathe, which has oxygen. Most packaging materials are also flammable to an extent, however, so it’s actually a matter of being careful about storage and usage for this danger. Make sure to avoid storing bubble wraps in places with high heat.

Another disadvantage is its bulkiness. Sure, it was mentioned that you can store it anywhere and wrap it around anything, but the air in the bubbles make an item that you’re supposed to transport seem more bulky than its actual size. Because of that, you would need a slightly bigger box as a container — and if the size isn’t exact, then it will not be snug and compressed inside the box. That added bulkiness may also affect your moving costs, especially if you have plenty of items wrapped in bubble wraps.

The last disadvantage on this list is the fact bubble wraps cannot completely prevent items from crashing, especially during transport. “But isn’t that why you’re wrapping objects with it in the first place??” Why, yes, actually. But as mentioned, if an object wrapped with bubble wraps is inside a box and isn’t snugly fit inside — meaning if there is extra space inside that couldn’t be filled with anything else — bubble wraps can’t remove the risk of the object jostling and moving around inside the box especially when inside the truck. Even capable companies such as some movers in Southeast Michigan won’t be able to completely stop your belongings from suffering the effects of momentum and inertia. Filling boxes with packing peanuts lessens this kind of jostling, but it’s something bubble wraps won’t be able to handle by itself.

Hopefully, the listed advantages and disadvantages here have helped or you somehow in figuring out if your usage of bubble wraps is the most optimal. As mentioned, movers in places like Southeast Michigan aren’t the only ones responsible for keeping your stuff safe, you yourself can further secure your items by taking the correct preparations and using your packaging materials the right way.

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