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Research Challenges in Pharma Industry

High-quality research is extremely important for the long-term success of pharmaceutical industry. In fact, research and development is essential in all industries. Apart from getting recognition and applause, research and development in a department like Pharma can be instrumental in saving many lives.

As a pharmaceutical researcher, you have that absolute opportunity to discover newer drug formulations for Formulations Companies in India, find solutions to life-threatening diseases and present detailed research papers on subject of your choice.

However, several challenges are unmet and there is always a need to compensate the resources.

Let’s have a look at some of the challenges faced by research analysis in pharmaceutical industry:

• Lack of Human Resources: The success of research and development in pharma sector also depends on how different people have coordinated as a team. Lack of human resources and, most importantly, lack of skilled human resources can impact the final research output.

• Translation of Research into Development: Despite increasing investment in drug discovery and development and continuous efforts by researchers, only around one in every ten new medicinal products progressing-to-clinical-testing ever reach the registration stage of Pharma Product Manufacturing.

• Clinical Trials: Most commonly, clinical trials are used to test the safety and effectiveness of drugs and devices. Lack of monetary resources, advanced technologies and, most importantly, investment in time are the reasons why clinical trials in pharmaceutical research are seen as a big hurdle to cross.

• Challenges in Finding the Right Excipients: Active pharmaceutical ingredients are of course essential to the development of pharmaceutical formulation. However, without inactive ingredients, i.e., the excipients, a pharmaceutical formulation is incomplete. For example, in a pain relief tablet for Tablet Manufacturer in India, if acetaminophen is the active ingredient then the researchers have to compulsorily get the combination of lactose, glucose and cellulose absolutely right.

• Striking a Balance Between Cost of Research and Price of Medicines: While the common man expects newer and good quality medicines at affordable rates, the pharmaceutical industry have to battle with the increasing R&D costs.

• Lack of consistency in drug dosage comparison: During pharmaceutical research, statisticians usually compare the different dosages of the same pharmaceutical drug. This is done to check the consistency level, whether the second or third dosage is improving the medical condition or not, et al. Pharmaceutical drug comparison also helps them note down side-effects if any. However, not all pharma research teams practice this method on daily basis and that’s the reason why you will see a lot of drug researches going kaput.

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