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Take your Antibiotics Seriously

Antibiotics are extremely important medications. It would be foolish of you to underestimate its importance in our lives. But overusing them, skipping dosages and also underusing them could lead to long-term effects on your body. You need to be self-aware of the consequences that will have on your body later on in life.

Let’s talk about the main classes of antibiotics

• Beta-Lactams

• Macrolides.

• Fluoroquinolones.

• Tetracyclines.

• Aminoglycosides

The Antibiotic Overdose Issue:

An issue that every antibiotic consumer faces, they aren’t sure about how much those type of antibiotics drugs are too much for them and that’s when intervention from your doctor is important.

Intestinal Side-effects: Stomach upset, diarrhea, infections are some of the intestinal side-effects that could cause a lot of trouble to the overall cycle, working and functioning of your digestive system

Vaginal Yeast Infections: A common infection that affects internal heath of females. Yeast infections affect the vaginal ph value and also the overall vaginal ph balance.

Skin Side Effects and Acne Breakout: Top Formulation Companies in India say overdose of antibiotics could also lead to severe skin problems like itchy skin, sore skin, acne and pimples.

Allergic Reactions: Skin allergies, rashes are common problems that people face because of overdose of antibiotics.

The Killing of the Good Bacteria: Overdose of antibiotics will probably kill the good bacteria overtime, thus resulting in weakening your usually strong and healthy immune system. Pharma Manufacturers in India usually warn about the overdose of antibiotics.

Weight Gain: One of the biggest cons of antibiotics overdose is weight gain. It’s a gradual process that will be visible within few days.

Did you know?

Antibiotics don’t work for everything, for e.g.: they fight anti-bacterial infections, but don’t help your immune system fight the major viral infections.

Never save your old Antibiotic Drugs

It’s obviously a good to store good amount of antibiotics at both your home and workplace (just in case of emergency) but you need to keep checking your medicine kit very now and then and discard the pharmaceutical drugs that have gone past their expiry date.

Antibiotics are not one-size-fits-all

The antibiotic drugs from Pharma Companies in Mumbai that you are popping up to treat sore throat issue won’t obviously work and cure your serious stomach infections.

What are the causes of antibiotic resistance?

Taking bacteria for too long, for prolonged diseases and sometimes for wrong reasons can affect the bacteria in your system to an extent that antibiotics completely seize to work against them.

Beware of overprescribed antibiotic drugs

Sometimes, the doctors may dupe patients with never-ending dosages of antibiotic drugs that have no end-result to it. You need to be aware and careful of such fraud techniques and act accordingly.

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