Cristina Herrera

The Trend For Keeping These Household Pests As Pets Is Growing

Having pests in our homes is never something anyone wants. So it’s interesting when people invite these pests into their homes as a pet. The pests we’re thinking of are rodents, which are now very common and popular pets. So how did these creatures swap over and people keep these pests as pets?

Home pest control is important to keep your family safe, and many people in the larger cities such as London need to have residential pest control more than once a year. Household pests are on the rise, so it’s interesting to think people would invite rodents into their home to keep as a beloved pet.

The history of rodents such as mice and rats is far from charming. Rats were the cause for the spread of the plague, because of the fleas they carried. Mice were considered a serious threat to farmers, and most of the world has viewed both of these pests as disease-carrying food thieves.

Despite the horrendous reputation they have, these pests have been winning hearts for centuries and have been kept as pets. Domesticated rat and mouse species are being bred, and they are known as the fancy mice and rats.

Unlike pests in the wild, a domestic rodent as a pet are selectively bred for that reason. These specialised breed are well-socialised, and don’t carry the diseases the rodent pests can spread to us and other animals. People who have rodents as pets will tell you that their pets are clean, intelligent and active. They even interact with us and can learn cool tricks.

Just because you know rodents make good pets, that doesn’t mean you should choose that adorable little mouse that’s been hiding in your cupboard. That is a pest mouse, which has probably never been handled by a human. Because of this they may bite in fear, and can transmit diseases through their faeces and urine. If you want a pet rodent, it’s always best to go to your local pet shop.

If you’re suffering from a rodent problem (and you don’t want them as pets) it’s always recommended that you get in touch with your local pest controller. They have the skills and the knowledge to be able to eradicate rodent problems efficiently, and can provide you with a unique treatment to suit your particular situation.

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