What Does The Purple Ring Mean On Snapchat?

Snapchat has been popular among worldwide users for over a decade. It is known for introducing unique and fun features regularly, keeping the users engaged and excited.

However, these new features become confusing sometimes when users find it difficult to understand the purpose behind them.

One such feature is its newly introduced purple ring. If you're here, you must be curious about ‘what does a purple circle mean on snapchat?’ Let’s find it out.

What Does A Purple Ring on Snapchat Mean?

The purple ring around a user’s bitmoji means that they have uploaded a new story which you've not viewed yet. No, Snapchat has not replaced the blue rings to display the new stories.

When you view a new story from the chat section, it appears in a blue circle around the bitmoji of the user who has uploaded it. Whereas, when you view it from the stories section, it appears in a purple ring.

Once you view the new story, the purple ring on snapchat turns grey until the user uploads another new story. Hence, the feature isn't new. Snapchat has just made it more confusing for no significant reason.

What Does the Purple Ring with A Lock Mean on Snapchat?

The purple ring with a lock means that the user has uploaded a private story which is only visible to selected people, including you. The feature is similar to the ‘close friends’ stories on Instagram.

To Conclude

In a nutshell, the purple ring on Snapchat means that the user has updated a new story. However, it only appears when you view a new story from the ‘stories’ section. If you view it in the ‘chat’ section, it appears in a blue ring.

We hope you found this article on ‘what does the purple ring on snapchat mean?’ helpful.

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