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The Power of Facebook Marketing - Why You Should Be Using Facebook Marketing To Grow Your Business

Facebook marketing is the new modern way several business owners are starting to market their business. Whether it's online or offline, company owners are beginning to understand how Facebook marketing can bring massive traffic to their business.

For example did you know Facebook is expected to grow beyond one billion users in 2012?

This is powerful to you because although Facebook is a social media website, it has opened the doors for businesses to be able to display their products goods and services, for interested individuals who would like to know more about your business.

Although, business owners are starting to understand how to use Facebook marketing, many do not know how to use it effectively. In fact many people do it incorrectly and as a result end up wasting a lot of time.

To run a successful social media campaign, you must implement the correct Facebook marketing strategy, which is to build relationships.

Here are some tips on building relationships on Facebook.

Set up a content filled fan page

First thing you would want to do, is set up a fan page, and put good engaging content on it. This content can be general, but it should also be focused on the type of business you are promoting.

For example, if you own an online business about helping the "baby boomer" generation start a home based business, you could have pictures of perhaps grandma holding a stack of $100 dollar bills in her hand, or a group of retirees at a computer.

Facebook loves pictures so you should strive to get as many related pictures as you can.

Video - You can put some YouTube video's on your page, with things related to your business.

Article - Link to an article you found on the internet that may interest your targeted reader.

Your thoughts - you may want to give advice to a particular subject in your business. Your page is the perfect place to add whatever thoughts you have about anything.

A good tip would to be to form your thoughts as a question, so the post now encourages a response. When people comment on your post, Facebook sees that as a connection, and your future post will appear higher in that person's news feed.

So now every time that person goes to their news feed, it is a good chance they will see your new content first.

Affiliate Links - You should delete any affiliate links you see on your page and advise fans not to put these links on your page. You want your page to be content filled, and a place for people to come and converse. An affiliate link will take someone off your page and discourage people from participating in the conversations.


Once you are done with your page - you will want to find other pages that have similar interests as you. For example, if you have a business that focuses on fixing bicycles, you may want to find a fan page that deals with bikes.

If it is a page that you like, than hit the like button, an start participating in the ongoing conversations. Just like on a personal page, you should comment on the post.

Just make sure you comment as your page and not your personal page, because you want people to click on your link that takes them to your page.

So many people comment as their personal page, so when someone comments as their fan page, the page name will stick out a lot more in the mind.

Think about it, if you had an interesting comment from someone named "Joe Smith" who has a personal page, and there was also an interesting comment from a fan page named "special wheels made for mountain bikes" which would you click first?

Most would probably click the fan page because the name sticks out more, creating interests in finding out what that particular page is all about.


If you have interesting content, share it on another page. Sharing is actually more powerful than commenting. For example, what if your video goes viral.

IG video views growth service is available at Your link is shared with that video. So if you put it on another fan page, and someone else shares it, and it keeps going, you have a higher chance of having your link clicked which will send more visitors to your page, and if the page looks interesting more people will like your page.

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