Dorian Bodnariuc

Simple and Inexpensive Alternatives to Brewing Espresso

What’s the point of brewing coffee without an espresso machine?

If you’re taste buds or preferences are anything like mine you’ll agree that there’s no coffee like espresso. The intensity of flavour, speed and precision of the extraction makes it one of the most satisfying ways of sipping and no less making coffee. Espresso is the only satisfying drink, when you need your daily fix of caffeine. Does that sound like you? Or maybe you love milky drinks. A beautifully crafted latte, or a delicious cappuccino, yum! Or maybe you just want to understand what is that makes this coffee desirable for so many. Either way, this page is the perfect start for you.

Make it at Home

Sure, you can get a cup at the nearest coffee shop. But making it yourself is even better. And for some, re-creating the espresso bar at home is a necessary investment that they are willing to make. But for others this may not be an economically sound option for their budget.

The good thing is there are other ways to make espresso without suffering the financial consequences of purchasing an espresso machine. The methods all involve exerting pressure onto your grounds. The results, however, will not necessarily match up to an espresso, but once you master them, you will be pleased with what you can accomplish using these alternatives.

Let us have a look at exactly what makes an espresso so unique and how these alternative methods compare.

What Makes Espresso Unique?

Espresso is more like the authority of all coffee brewing methods. The uniqueness of this drink can be summed up in one word - pressure. If patience is not your strongest quality, you’ll also be intrigued to find that the pressure of an espresso machine cuts down the brew time down to 30 seconds. The pump machine pushes 9 bars of pressure on the tightly packed bed of fine ground coffee and produces the truest, most consistent and flavourful coffee. The espresso is bright in taste and has a thicker consistency. It is the only method that produces a beautiful crema as the “finale” of its extraction.

Here’s the thing. Buying a pump espresso machine is quite an expensive investment to make if you’re just starting out or if you can’t afford to make the purchase. The beautiful thing about coffee is that it is available to everyone and not just the fancy few that can afford it. There are very smart people out there that have created simple, inexpensive and effective alternatives to brewing an espresso-style beverage at home.

Alright, enough chit-chat; sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? But it’s not that easy. If you want to get into how to make an, espresso then follow this serious espresso making resource. Otherwise stick with me and I’ll show you how to make an espresso using the three alternative brewing methods: the AeroPress, the moka pot and the steam espresso machine.

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