Eva Watkins

Why Use a Plancha Grill for Home Cooking?

Grilling has for long been considered a fun way of spending summer with loved ones. With the numerous health benefits of grilling, many homeowners are now seeking the best grills in the market. There are different types of grills, but the plancha stands out. What makes it unique? It’s associated with many perks, and there are various reasons to acquire one for home cooking.

1. Fast heat-up time

A plancha grill cooks super fast, thanks to its quick heat up time. A plancha needs about 5 minutes to get hot and ready to use. Sounds enticing? That’s not all! Plancha plates can go up to 300 degrees, which evenly cooks the thicket meat pieces.

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2. Minimal burning

Unlike barbecue grills, planchas don’t burn food while cooking. The burners seize the food and preserve all the flavor for more delicious meals. Unlike barbecues, planchas don’t carbonize the food, eliminating that burning taste on your food.

Moreover, the best plancha grill comes with trays that trap fats and oils that can fall on the flames and harm your health. A plancha heats up really fast. You can always monitor the temperature using a thermometer, making it easier to monitor the temperature.

3. Choice of recipes

Your choice of food recipes is limitless when using a plancha. You can use it for cooking different types of food items like meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, and shellfish. What’s more? No matter the size of the food, you can still cook it without issues. For small foods like steaks, fillets, vegetable slices, a plancha is your best friend. Moreover, you can cook white meats on a plancha and enjoy softer and juicer meat than cooking on a barbecue.

4. Healthy cooking

A plancha grill is a perfect choice for anyone who cares about a healthy lifestyle. With such a gill, you don’t need to use oil or fats when cooking. But, even when you don’t use oil, you still get excellent results. If using a barbecue, you have to smear a little oil to prevent your food from sticking.

5. Easy to clean

Cleaning a plancha grill has never been easier. It’s smooth and flat, and you can easily wipe using a plancha scrapper to wipe off any food spills. For the grill plate, a soft sponge is all you need. You can easily clean the grill plate in the dishwasher if it’s not bulky. This won’t be the case if using other types of grills. For instance, a barbecue leaves a lot of mess, and you have to do lots of cleaning up after cooking.

The bottom line

Acquiring a cast-iron plancha grill is the best decision that you can make. Plancha grill cooking is healthier and allows you to cook various recipes without cleaning up big messes after cooking. If you don’t have a plancha grill, acquire one from a reputable dealer, and take your cooking a notch higher.

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