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The Different Pros And Cons To Renting Storage Units

Consider the situation: you are preparing to relocate and start packing up the household. Suddenly, you realise you have too much stuff without any storage space at your new property. What do you do? Instead of attempting to stack all the items one atop another in a crammed space, why not consider renting storage? This article will provide information on the pros and cons associated with renting storage units.

What Are The Benefits To Storage Units?

#1: Secure Storage Facilities

Storage units like the one in Croydon https://www.fsmithandson.co.uk/local-national-removals/domestic-storage/ are generally more secure than cramming the boxes in a small attic, cellar or at a friend’s place. Reliable storage facilities protect belongings from poor weather, mice or rats, items being ‘misplaced’, and structural damage. In some cases, the storage facility offers insurance to avoid financial problems in unfortunate situations. Needless to say, a storage unit is far more beneficial than your mother’s cellar.

#2: Immediate Access To Units

Accessing items in storage can be difficult if you opt for a friend’s cellar; however, self-storage units do not have this problem. In many instances, the units can be opened using a key code or physical key. This is similar to having a basement for storage, but it is an official facility.

#3: Rent For Unspecified Time

The majority of storage facilities offer storage units for an unlimited amount of time. In fact, some facilities offer discount rates if you sign a long-term contract. This means you can save money and do not need to move the belongings around. It is recommended that you only store items that you really can’t live without. Storage units can be used for all types of trinkets, but it is better to spend money over a long period on items of importance, not things that can be easily forgotten.

What Are The Disadvantages?

#1: A Costly Affair

The overall cost of storage includes moving items to the unit alongside the unit rate. If you are storing a lot of items, it is important you take the moving cost into account. Some moving companies assist with finding deals on storage units Croydon, but you should do some research before making a commitment.

#2: Problems With Temperature Control

Unless you choose a temperature-controlled storage unit, the belongings will be subject to changes in the weather – or at least the temperature. Items can expand and contract when faced with hot or cold weather, and this needs to be taken into account as it can lead to damage. Temperature-controlled storage units are available, but they can be more costly.

#3: Needing Something From The Unit

One problem with storage units arises when you discover you need something from the batch of boxes. If you live near the storage unit, it can be easy enough to retrieve; however, people using public transport or living further away from the facility may find retrieval tiresome. Moreover, when you are at the unit you will need to search through boxes which can be tiring and timely.

Final Words On The Matter

As can be seen, there are various reasons why you should or should not use storage facilities. Ranging from price to convenience, it is important to take all the considerations into account before signing an agreement.

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