Gabriel Griffin

Five Ways to Get Motivated to Study

Studying really is not a great time. Everybody knows it. It’s a boring, tedious slog that can be hard to focus on. But, the fact of the matter is that you need to. If you’re going to be successful at studying, you are going to need to be motivated. Here are five ways to get motivated for a study session:

1. Set Goals for Your Studying

If you stare at your textbook or notebook, with an aimless plan to simply study, you aren’t going to be productive. The expansive nature of the studying you will have to do will lead to lethargy and the studying will just be pointless. So, set some goals for yourself, so you don’t have to worry about not having an aim while studying. This more focused approach will lead to greater results in less amounts of time, as you will be focusing at one thing at a time rather than everything at once.

2. Reward Yourself When You Complete a Goal

In conjunction with the goals that you’ll set for yourself, you should make sure to reward yourself after completing your goals. On top of having an attainable goal in front of you, you will also be working for some sort of reward. Some examples of rewards could be maybe a snack or to binge an episode of a television show on Netflix. You don’t need to go all out on the rewards: just something to keep you pressing forward and motivated. A little positive reinforcement never hurt anyone.

3. Opt for Group Studying

Sometimes, when you’re all alone with notebooks and textbooks in front of you, it can be hard to even get started, let alone stay motivated. To abate your apathy, I’d suggest opting for a group studying session. It will take some planning, to ensure that you and the people you are studying with on the same page as far as what you’re studying, but if you can get together a couple of buddies to study the same thing, you’ll have supportive friends that can keep you on track for learning what you need to. Plus, everything will go much faster with the pressure of a focused friend hustling everyone alone.

4. Studying with Music Playing

Your lack of motivation while studying can derive from your lack of focus. It can be hard to sit in a quiet room, with nothing but information to occupy your mind. So, you need something to keep you focused while you are studying. I would suggest music to keep your chugging along. Now, I don’t think playing music with lyrics while you study is a great idea, as it will be too easy to then just focus on the words. But, by playing instrumental music, it gives your brain a diversion to focus on rather than how bored you might be. All that will matter is what you need to study.

5. Remind Yourself of What Studying Will Get You (Money!)

Yes, I understand this seems obvious, but it’s important to keep yourself focused by remembering what you’re getting by studying. I don’t just mean getting good grades. No, it goes far beyond that. If you study right and get a good grade, that means your college applications will be more appealing. That will lead to better colleges being interested in you, and thus giving your greater opportunities in your life. Yes, by studying hard on a chemistry test, you will get a better job. Keep this in mind for a bit of motivation. Also keep in mind that if you learn a lot of information via studying, you can make good money passing that information off to students that are in the situation you used to find yourself in. Sites like SolutionInn pay really good money for you to tutor, which can be an option for you if you do enough studying to become an expert in a subject.

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