Sharya Malek

Why Eastern European Women Get a Bad Rap

A few things I have heard about eastern european women is the following:

1- they are "stuck" up

2- they are gold diggers

3 - they want rich men

and some other things that some internet blogs say.

But of course I have also heard many great things:

1 - they are sweet and kind

2 - they know how to keep a good relationship

3 - they are beautiful.

But I feel that these eastern European women are a bit misunderstood. And I will tell you what I mean.

I have had vast experience in eastern European countries and have had a few European girlfriends. So I can talk from experience here.

They are misunderstood by some guys that simply don't know the difference between high value women and low ones.

The reason why eastern European women can act stuck up is because they have earned it!

If they don't want to get picked up by some loser that only goes to europe to seduce the women and doesn't have anything to offer, of course they will be defensive and not show them love.

I have seen the hottest and most "high class" European ladies be very friendly and kind if the right guy crosses their path.

But not just any guy. These type of european women want some value in their man. He must at least be in shape, dress nice, and have some financial stability.

He must also have some social skills. If a guy has these qualities he will do really well in eastern Europe.

Now here is the interesting, a European girl who was not raised in europe will not have some of these same characteristics which I mentioned here. Because her upbringing will be a lot different in that case.

So it must be noted that the things mentioned here mostly apply to the women who were born and raised in eastern europe and not the ones who were raised in a foreign country.

The attitudes are not the same. And this is very clear as soon as you step into the streets of the major cities Like Ukraine, Moscow, and Prague. In those types of cities you will see that the attitudes are a bit more reserved, and some guys thing they are "stuck up".

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