How to choose your security door?

The installation of an armored door is certainly the best solution to ensure the protection of a home against acts of vandalism and burglary, always in recrudescence. But what do you need to know about this type of door before choosing one? The rest of the article will give you the essential information to choose your armored door.

To have an armored door, there are two possibilities of choice:

the door shield, which helps to keep the original door and save on the purchase of a new device; but this device is less efficient than an armored door block. the installation of a new block armored door, more powerful and exists in different models and different brands.

In addition to the price and the aesthetics which is an important criterion in the choice of an armored door, it is necessary to take into account the level of security of the locks, the quality of the materials used which determine the level of resistance of the armored door .

Criteria to remember when choosing your armored door

Here are the most important criteria, which must be taken into account when choosing the armored door. If you get more information about locksmith then click the link

The resistance level of the armored door

An armored door is supposed to reinforce the level of resistance of a house or a professional place. It should be noted, however, that the degree of performance required varies according to the type of space to be protected, since the security requirements of a dwelling and commercial premises are not identical. It is the same between the security constraints of an apartment in a residence and those of a house. It is therefore necessary to take into account the composition of the door, it depends on the method of manufacture adopted which differs from one manufacturer to another. The most important is the quality of the materials used: type of lock and level of security, thickness of sheet metal, resistance of the assembly formed by the door and the frame.

The certification of the armored door

As for the high security lock, characterized by the A2P standards (Insurance Prevention Protection, issued by the National Center for Prevention and Protection), the security level of an armored door is certified BP. The classification is represented by a number 1,2 or 3 which indicates the level of resistance of the door: the PB1 is 5 minutes, the BP2 of 10 minutes and 15 minutes for the PB3. It is strongly recommended to opt for a door with A2P BP3 certification. Added to this are the level of fire resistance and that of the acoustics of the armored door.

The degree of difficulty of the pose

In general, the installation of an armored door requires the know-how or the experience of a craftsman locksmith or a professional carpenter. Indeed, unlike the classic door whose installation is within the reach of any handyman worthy of the name, that of an armored door must be done in compliance with the rules of art. In addition, the intervention of a professional APSAD certified for installation work, allows to take advantage of the manufacturer's warranty in case of manufacturing defect and also to benefit from home insurance in case of break-in.

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