Hammad Raza

Ababeel too perform Umrah

This is very strange to say that the Ababeel which is an unconscious creature how could it realize the Divine’s obligation. To understand such intangible reality we have to just quick rundown on its dates back. In fact, this is the bird that rescued the Kaaba against Abrah’s army. The Holy Quran clearly mentions the story of being protection of Kaaba in Surah Al-Fil.

Interpretation: Have you not seen, how thy Lord dealt with the confidantes of the elephants who wanted to put an end to the Kaaba. But their treacherous plan could not be fulfilled as thy Lord sent the flocks of Ababeel. They threw stones of baked clay and eventually the attackers met to horrible death. Their dead bodies were seemed just stalks and straws as have been eaten up by fierce wild.

After knowing the story one can easily understand how much God loves its sacred place and that’s why Allah-Almighty orders to man to visit it once in life in case of possibility. But the scholarly it must be visit in the form of Hajj or Umrah. And when it comes to access at such holy place regrading Hajj, we come to know that all the Muslim could not proceed it because of having some of financial problems. However, the chance of visiting is still remained in the form of Umrah.

Off-course the Umrah is not compulsory but according to the great influential figure the Holy Prophet (SAW), the Muslim must perform the Umrah if he/she is economically and physically capable. Moreover, He (SAW) also said that the Umrah obviously removes the previous sins of man.

Above mentioned description about Umrah clearly depicts the worth of Umrah, however if you have planned to visit Kaaba through Cheap Umrah Packages in 2019 Holidays With Family From UK to fulfill such non-mandatory obligation then you are the luckiest one.

Since, the topic essence is to describe the Ababeel’s execution of Umrah, therefore we must concentrate at the time of Ramadan as it starts you can perceive the flights of such worth-living bird up in the sky direct fly towards Kaaba. Need to consideration is that, this is meta-action which could not be understand worldly but spiritually focus.

We must glance in our heart if the little creature can perform Umrah in Ramadan it means Ramadan has great worth regarding to its execution. Nevertheless, if you realize that you must proceed Umrah in Ramadan then the 14 Nights 5 Star Ramadan Umrah Package 2019 apparently would be the best experience as well.

To give the value to Ababeel who rescued Kaaba from Abrah’s attack who actually wanted to replace Kaaba into Church at Yemen, hence we should learn that when God promises to save something else, no one could harm. In the same way, God has promised to rescue the Kaaba that’s why the Ababeel were sent by the Divine. Having stones two in their claws and one in their beak they flew over the army of Abrah and threw the stones. As a result, the tinny objects became so lethal that they crushed their bodies like snack food.

However, after reading the story of Holy Quran someone spiritually makes plan to perform Hajj or at least Umrah. And if you have such kind of plan then suddenly hit an idea that what should be the best time, from now we suggest you to Ramadan but regardless, you are not physically strong and there is threat of creating complications because of warm weather as Ramadan will come in hot season. In this situation you must perform Umrah through the December Umrah Package 2019 that will be more suitable at all. Plenty of pilgrims who are habitual of cool temperature such as UK base pilgrims they obviously prefer the cool climate to perform Umrah safe & sound. Furthermore, the people are free from business as well as educational hassles.

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