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Places of visit in Madinah during the Holy Visit of Umrah

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After the Makkah, Madinah is the second holiest city for Muslims. The city was named by Prophet PBUH when He and His devotees move from Makkah to Yathrib. Individuals of Yathrib invite them wholeheartedly and afterward, Allah's Messenger renamed it Al-Madinah. Consistently many Muslims recreate the migration by traveling from Makkah to Madinah. The most hallowed spot in the sacred city of Madinah is the Mosque of Prophet.

Here is the list of places to visit in Madinah during your holy journey.

1.Masjid e Nabwi

Visiting this holy mosque is something that each Muslim loves to do. The motivation behind going to Madinah is to visit this heavenly mosque. After the House of Allah in Makkah, Masjid e Nabwi is the most heavenly place where our beloved Prophet is resting in peace. The mosque was first built by Holy Prophet himself.

2.Masjid Al Quba

Masjid e Quba is the very first mosque throughout the entire existence of Islam. This profoundly elevated mosque lies on the edges of Madina. Masjid Al Quba has gigantic significance as Prophet PBUH remained here at His arrival to Madinah from Makkah.

3.Jannat ul Baqi

The Garden of Heaven is the significant graveyard in Madinah. Where numerous nearby individuals from the Prophet's SAWW family and around ten thousand of His mates and devout personalities are resting in peace. Baqi is an Arabic word, which implies the land where roots of various trees are installed. The Prophet PBUH chooses the place of the cemetery when one of His Ansari friends, "Asad Bin Zararah" died. He was the first individual to bury in this hallowed graveyard.

4.Bir e Usman

The famous Well of Usman or called Roma well when Hazrat Usman got it from a barbarous Jew to give free drinking water to Muslims. Individuals in Madina call the well with its name Bir e Roma or Bir e Usman. The well purchased by the third caliph of Islam is situated close to the Masjid e Qiblatain, additionally a renowned milestone.

5.Masjid e Qiblatain

In 2 AH, Prophet PBUH was leading the Dhuhr supplication when He SAWW got the disclosure to change the direction of Qiblah from Bait-ul-Maqadas in Jerusalem to the Masjid e Haram in Makkah. The mosque where Prophet SAWW got the revelation takes its name from the occurrence as Qiblatain Mosque or Mosque with two Qiblas. The mosque is only three miles from Prophet's Mosque. The mosque has two specialties (Mihrabs) one is confronting Jerusalem and the second confronting Makkah.

6.Uhud Mountain

Mount Uhud is one of the famous mountains often visited by local people and travelers. The extraordinary fight throughout the entire existence of Islam "the battle of Uhud" occurred at this mountain. Seventy Muslim soldiers were martyred, and Muslims lost this fight. One can see the graves of numerous saints who participated in the Uhud fight.

7.Masjid e Jummah

The lovely mosque is situated in the south of the Prophet's mosque. At the point when Holy Prophet SAWW moved from Quba to Madina He PBUH offered a Jummah supplication at the area of Bano Salam Bin Auf tribe. Later, in this area, Masjid was developed and gives the name of Masjid e Jummah.

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