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Top Attractions in Kuwait

Kuwait is a country in the eastern part of the Arabian Peninsula and the islands of the Persian Gulf. When he gained independence about 40 years ago and became the sole owner of the major oil fields, the standard of living in local cities improved significantly. Therefore, an impulse for intensive development happened. The capital of the country is Al-Kuwait, it is considered one of the most popular cities for travelers in Asia since the mid-20th century.

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When is it better to go to Kuwait?

The desert landscape prevails in the substantial area of the country, with occasional flat terrain. The weather here is hot and dry, and rain is rare. The best time for holidays in Kuwait is winter and short periods of the low season when the weather is nice and it rains. At this moment here, you can see the inexpressible beauty of natural phenomena - a desert in bloom. Rare plants decorate desert landscapes with their colorful flowers inhaling bright life. In winter the water temperature remains at 16 ° C and in summer it warms up to 28 ° C. However, in the summer the natural phenomenon often comes known as 'shimal' which is a strong hurricane wind that brings desert sands. It often becomes the reason for sandstorms that last several days.

Characteristics of holidays in Kuwait

Kuwait is famous not only for the beauty of the desert but also as a wonderful beach holiday destination. One of the best local complexes is Hijran located not far from the capital. Comfort level here is the highest. Perfectly equipped beaches and numerous luxury hotels with a full-service package. In the restaurants, you can taste the traditional Arab cuisine. Here we particularly appreciate the bean dishes with large amounts of various spices, making a unique meal. The sport is also much appreciated, even its most seemingly absurd types. Where else can a tourist be tested in the camel race or falconry? Several water sports are popular, including the most extreme. Al-Kuwait is a perfect place for people who prefer fun and interesting vacations. It has numerous entertainment venues, lively nightlife, many souvenir shops, and busy oriental markets.

Kuwait's most interesting places

One of the main attractions in the country is the Great Mosque. Being one of the largest religious centers in the world, it can house up to 40 thousand parishioners at a time. The building is considered an exceptional architectural monument built-in 1986. The Islamic temple has a large territory with courtyards, gardens and a small waterfall. During the day it shines with white and gold highlights, while at night it is illuminated by special spotlights. The sanctification of the mosque is unique, as it changes depending on the phases of the Moon. This country has always been proud of its sailors, and the Maritime Museum is very popular here.

All the exhibitions presented here have the theme of the sea and shed light on the interesting history of the country before the discovery of oil deposits when navigation was one of the most common activities. Before it was a high school interior that was later changed by contemporary designers in a way to give visitors an understanding of how hard and lonely the lives of travelers who have long been away from their families.

The archaeological reserve of Kuwait is located on Failaka Island. Here you can stroll through the ruins of the ancient city of the Dilmun civilization that lived in this area in the Stone Age. The remains of buildings and the inscriptions in relief testify to the high development of the nation. And although the object was recently opened to tourists, it helps to look and touch the country's ancient history. Kuwait is an emirate with great popularity among tourists. Here the beauties of the deserts and the ancient monuments of archeology are combined with the ultramodern architecture of the capital and the big cities.

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