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Some Factors That Make the Perfect Logo.

Logos are an essential part of a business. In fact, they are almost like the face of a business, brand, or start-up. Whether you have a newly established publishing company or if you own a big clothing brand, a logo can make a huge difference and help you to carve a name in the industry. Think about it - every brand that you've come across has a logo that helps you recognize the brand from afar. Be it Coca Cola or McDonald's, they've got a signature logo that helps them to stand out from other brands. A logo is a tool that allows your brand to gain recognition in the market and build a strong identity for your brand.

Making the perfect logo is an art that not everyone can master, so if you're going to hire a logo designer in India, be sure to check out our list of factors that make the perfect logo.

1. Subtle Yet Catchy: Even though a logo is your first chance to make an impression, it definitely doesn't need to be blingy or complicated. It can be as simple as your brand's name written in a creative manner. A logo designer's objective should be to make a logo that is relevant and easily identifiable. It should speak for your brand and let others know what the specific niche of your brand is. Furthermore, a catchy logo is something that stays behind in the memory of your audience. It should be catchy and instantly grab the attention of your audience.

2. Appropriate: Many logo designers fail to create logos that are appropriate for a brand. The easiest way to see if your logo is by asking yourself to look at it from the eyes of a viewer. When someone looks at your logo, are they able to understand what your brand stands for? Does it truly showcase your brand’s image? A good logo would perfectly portray what your brand’s niche is. By using different fonts, symbols, and images, a logo designer can come up with a logo that speaks for your brand. While keeping that in mind, a logo designer must also focus on creating a logo that is not too ‘loud’ and distracting, with limited elements.

3. Flexible Design: The design should be flexible enough to look similar on all devices. Mobile screens are usually more compact while laptops can feature a larger screen space, therefore, the logo for your brand should fit in all kinds of applications. Likewise, the quality should be crystal clear and it shouldn't be blurry or hazy on any device. It should also be such that it looks the same in any size. There are some logos that may look good when they're smaller but the design may not look as amazing when it's used on a bigger scale such as a billboard.

4. Versatility: The logo should have versatile colors and an eye-catching color palette which perfectly portrays the objective of the brand. For example, for a clothing brand, the color palette can be bright and vibrant while for a law firm, it needs to be on the subtle side. Therefore, make sure that while looking for a graphic design company in Ahmedabad, you need to be certain that they're well-versed with the kind of color palette that will be suitable for your business. Likewise, your logo doesn’t need to be brimming with color, your logo can be simple black and white. The logo of Coca-Cola is a great example of how you can creatively use fonts and colors to create a very simple yet effective design.

5. Cost-Effective: Your logo doesn’t have to be extremely expensive or super cheap. You should hire a graphic designer in India who can provide you with an original logo at an affordable price. Always be sure to compare prices and see if a company can offer you better quality in a similar price range. A logo is one of the first things that viewers notice about your brand. It is a great way to make a lasting impression which is why you need to pick wisely.

6. Ageless: You need to analyze if your logo is time-sensitive. Some designs are such that they may be outdated in a few years or they may not look as good as time passes by. Some brands such as Apple, Google, Audi, and several others have had the same logo for years. In fact, some of them have decided to use their same old logo in creative ways.

These were some of the top factors that you definitely need to consider before hiring a logo designer. A logo is a one-time investment that can be totally worth the price if used correctly. Make sure that you keep the aforementioned factors in mind and get the perfect logo for your brand.

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