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Can You Use Termidor Indoors?

At HomePros, we get asked all the time if Termidor is safe to use indoors? We talked with Preventive Pest regarding this issue and they said that Termidor can be used indoors only if it is used within the walls and below the foundations and should be spot sprayed on insect infestations inside wall cavities only. Otherwise it should not be used to control insects indoors.

What You Should Know About Termidor or Fipronil

It is common to get exposed to chemicals such as without realizing it. According to the National Pesticide Information Center from Oregon State University, Fipronil is used to control pests such as fleas, ticks, beetles, cockroaches, termites, and other crawling insects.

Since 1999 when the U.S government approved it use in the country, construction companies have been using it to treat the soil beneath building during the laying of the foundation. Its most common form is Terminol, and it kills insects by disrupting the functioning of its nervous system.

Humans can at times get exposed to Fipronil when they inhale, ingest, or even contact through skin and eyes. Once it is in the body, common symptoms include nausea, vomiting, headaches, dizziness, sweating, seizures, and stomach pain. It is classified as a potential human carcinogen but you do not need treatment upon exposure.

Countries Have Banned

In the U.S., its usage is legal, but it is banned in other countries such as China, France, and Italy for because of environmental pollution. Other countries such as Australia and UK are considering banning its usage as a pesticide. In countries where is banned, records show it is toxic to several animal species.

While no single country is citing its toxicity to humans as a reason for its ban, their studies show it affects bees, several bird species, fish, and aquatic invertebrates. Fipronil degrades slowly, which causes its levels in the soil and water to rise over time. Available documentation in countries where it is banned show that many animals suffer from exposure to its increased levels in soil and water.

The ban of Fipronil in several countries as well as the accompanying documentation proves to us that we need to pay close attention to any insecticides we use. Fipronil is used as an active ingredient in many gel baits, termite control products, grass treatment products, and agricultural insecticides. We should therefore try to find alternative products that are not toxic and use them instead.

One of the best Fipronil alternatives that you can use when laying the foundation of your building is marine-grade stainless steel woven wire mesh. The mesh, which is marketed globally by TermimeshTM can be used the same way we use window screen to block flying insects from getting into buildings. Instead of using over 300 gallons of Fipronil to treat the soil during construction, the mesh can be used to block openings in a building’s foundation during its lifetime.

TermimeshTM is marketed in Louisiana, Texas, Florida, Guam and Hawaii, as well as other major international markets. It is important that you use only trained and skilled personnel to install in order to meet the local building code requirements, and to make sure that the mesh works as promised.

So you can use Termidor, but only within the walls.

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