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Garage Door Technology

What is the latest garage door technology? Since the invention of the first electric garage door back in the 1920s, garage door technology has really transformed. During the early years, garage door openers used a simple mechanism for opening and closing the garage door. But in recent years, we have seen garage door openers become more electronic. As technology continues to advance, it has impacted how we go on with our day to day lives, including garage doors. The latest garage door technology focuses more on the Internet of Things. Thanks to this emerging technology, garage doors have become safer and more efficient.

Garage Door Technology - What to Know

Advancement in Garage Door Technology

Garage doors have experienced a change in construction and design during the last few decades. In 1993, we had the introduction of garage door openers with photo-eye sensors, including door reversing mechanism which prevented pets and people from getting trapped underneath the closing door. Later we had garage doors with back-up battery systems, tracks, and rollers, which were controlled with remote control. Today we have smart coffee makers, thermostats and now smart garage doors.

This smart garage door works with a mobile app which lets you control it from anywhere you are. It has a monitoring feature which tracks people whenever they move in or out of your door. In addition, homeowners can decide to set a daily schedule so that the door opens and closes at specific times during the day.

Latest Features in Garage Doors

> Opening Garage Door From Your Smartphone

Thanks to technological advancement, we have seen the use of apps to monitor and operate garage doors. With a smartphone, homeowners can control their garage door even when they are not around their home. In case someone is closing or opening the garage door, you will receive a notification via the app. All you have to do is program the app to receive alerts in case the garage door is left open.

> Garage Door Safety Sensors

Back in 1993, it was a requirement for all garage doors to be fitted with photo-eyes. The benefit of these photo-eyes is that they prevented the garage door from shutting in case someone crossed through the infrared beams. If an object is obstructing the garage door, the safety sensors will start to blink. This technology came into place so as to improve the safety of garage doors.

> Rolling Code Technology

Almost all remotes for garage doors have rolling codes which are generated when a button is pressed. This latest technology safeguards your remote from hackers. The good thing about rolling code technology is that it can be used with older garage door openers.


Besides sending you real-time alerts when someone leaves the garage door open, new garage door has an opening system which can record and monitor what is happening with the garage door. With technology continuing to advance every year, expect garage doors to have more innovative designs. Garage door technology will continue to enhance everyone's home.

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