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Repair Leather Pool Table Pockets - Easy Steps

You're likely to find one of two types of pockets when looking at Pool table games. The first kind is the most common when talking about home entertainment games: the drop pocket. This serves as a small basket which can hold several balls. The second-more commonly found in higher end games and those found in public spaces are those that act as a chute, carrying scored balls down into the replacement rack. Which kind you prefer is up to you. Neither type particularly improves the game in any demonstrable way, so it is mostly up to individual preference and budget. Just make sure that, whichever type you're looking at, it is in excellent condition.

Repair Leather Pool Table Pockets


In the modern days, leather is mostly used to make pool table pockets. The leather gets cracked and dried if used for an extended period of time, and in the end, it becomes brittle. It becomes so challenging when the basket deteriorates because when the balls hit it, the weight and force of the balls will finally break the leather and the next thing you expect is to find the balls on the ground.

It is estimated that a pool table leather pockets at an average should last for around 15 to 30 years. In several cases, if the table does not get much play, it may go unnoticed. The pool table may seem to be in good condition, but if a few games are played on that table, the leather straps may start to snap.

It is normal for the pool table to experience wear and tear when used over a long period. This when there is a need to replace any worn out part of the table regularly. For the pool table that has a leather pocket, then there is a need to replace them. With the right tools and someone to help you perform this task, then the task becomes less severe.

Process to Repair

It is a detailed process, but if followed carefully it is not difficult.

1. You should begin by unscrewing the bolt that is underneath the pool table at every pocket and make sure you remove the plate that holds the pocket in its right position.

Use custom pockets to replace the bolt on pockets because they are not as universal as current cloth and tubular pockets.

2. Then you can pop off the cove that is responsible for holding the pocket in their position and remove the old pocket.

3. If it is possible, buy new pockets in sets of six if you intend to replace all of them.

You can also choose to use the previous pockets as a pattern by cutting them and sew new ones.

4. Then use a large strip of cloth or rivets to stick new netting to the torn pockets if you do not wish to remove the whole piece.

Sewing new netting may fray and unravel quickly, and this may require you to replace it sooner than you anticipated.

5. Use a new rail system that has inbuilt rail's pockets to replace the entire pool table.

These pockets make use of cups to trap the sliding tube systems or the balls.

6. Easily lift the cups if you want to replace them. Besides, the cups are a bit easy to replace, clean and inexpensive.

After heavy wear, you can use hard bumpers for better play.

Changing leather pool table pockets can be quite tedious. However, following the steps above will help you repair leather pool table pockets.

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