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Breathtaking Topic Ideas for Critical Essays - Critical Topics Guide

When a student starts writing a critical essay, it is assumed that it should include all the negative points related to the subject as an Essay Writer. However, the major purpose of a critical essay is to provide some objective information about the pros and cons of the subject. The students should not choose something fancy because they may lose their interest in it. In the following lines, we will look at some topics for critical essays.

1. Should censorship be applied to music?

2. The negative and positive impact of Facebook on our lives

3. Obesity in children, causes and remedies

4. Bullying in schools, causes, consequences, and remedies

5. How can a government improve a welfare system?

6. A satisfied employee will seldom leave the job

7. Major problems faced by our society and their solutions

8. A book that has influenced your life greatly

9. Changes in the education system

10. Effects of personal fashion on a person’s identity

11. Child abuse, causes, consequences and remedies

12. Agricultural output increase, a balance between quantity and quality

13. How can we compete better in the international labor market?

14. Differences between urban and rural lives

15. Impact of internet on write my essay students

16. How has your life gone so far?

17. Analyze a person who was forced to study engineering

18. Analyze the play “Salome” by Oscar Wilde

19. Impact of video games on our lives

20. A combination of education and technology

21. How does nature make certain decisions?

22. Critical evaluation of water consumption

23. The natural ways of getting electricity

24. Is food with high calories the only reason for obesity?

25. Is it justified to consider the health sector a business?

26. Violence in the movies, should it be banned?

27. Doping tests for athletes in the Olympics.

28. What indoor games are the best?

29. Betting on games, causes, consequences, and remedies

30. Is it justified to specify gender roles?

All the above topics will help you write a decent enough critical essay and most of these offer an opportunity to show both sides of the picture. The students need to select a topic that can affect a large number of people so that the writing benefits all. The critical essay topics should relate to the issues common to a community. We have used topics like water, electricity, and obesity in the above list which affects almost the whole society. Some of the above topics relate to students and education.

These topics also affect the bulk of society. If you want to take a stance against a specific phenomenon, you should state it clearly in the first paragraph of your essay. This will help the reader in understanding your stance. When you write such an essay, it is advisable to discuss only one point in a paragraph so that the reader does not get confused. A compare and contrast essay should include all the differences in a sequence and then the similarities. Some of the above topics include causes, consequences, and remedies. The writer will evaluate the causes, show the impact of the activity on the society and the solution to the problem. Some topics are open in the sense that they leave the stance on the writer.

An online Essay Writing Service may also help you in finalizing the topic for you. These services may also provide you with a free outline for your essay. You will have to elaborate on the points given by the service. Another useful aspect of these services is that they provide you with an originality report of the work. This report shows the percentage of content that has already been submitted by someone else.

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