Redesign the lighting in your home for a welcoming feeling

The lighting in our homes can serve different purposes. It could serve for illumination, tricks (using claps and voice commands to dim and brighten led fixtures and smart lights), entertainment, aesthetics, and even make our home more welcoming. If the lighting in your house currently does not provide any of these functions, then it might just be the right time to redesign the lighting in your home. Having all of these functions in your lighting could make your home to have a more welcoming feeling. Here are some ways lighting can provide a welcoming feeling for you.

Various levels of brightness

Redesigning the lighting in your home could allow you to install led fixtures and smart lighting that can provide you with varying levels of brightness. The implication is that instead of having bright bulbs and colored bulbs (that provide dimmer shades) separately, you could have them all in one bulb. You switch will consequently look like a volume control as opposed to just an on and off switch. You could subsequently increase the volume, in this case, the brightness of your light or reduce it till you are okay. With this, you can always make your room to be just as bright as you want it to be. This is sure to make your home more welcoming as you won’t have to directly choose between bright light and no light anymore.


You could also get led fixtures that would display messages for you. For instance, you could have lighting that displays WELCOME or WELCOME HOME, whenever you open the door to your house. This will make it look as though your house is welcoming you. It would also look cool to your friends if you came home together and on opening your door, they see the message. You house welcoming you is sure to give you the impression that you are welcome within your home. You could put the message in the first room that you enter when you get home, in your bedroom or in any room you usually go straight to whenever you get home.

Options for control

Another way redesigning the lighting of your home can provide you with a welcoming feeling is when there are many ways to control the light. Sometimes, we come home so tired or we just want to relax without any form of disturbance. You might also want to carry out a complete home automation. Just after settling down, you observe that your lighting is too bright for the room and you want to lower it to improve the level of relaxation you will enjoy. You might be forced to stand up against your wish, which will negatively affect your relaxation or decide to leave the light all the same with the same negative effect. However, with smart lighting, it will be possible to control, completely put off or put on the light with voice commands or other forms of pre-programmed signals. You will be able to do this as frequently as the need arises without the stress of having to get up to continuously control the lighting.

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