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How a Mattress Can Impact Your Daily Life

Human beings spend a third of their life sleeping on their beds. An uncomfortable mattress can negatively affect your sleep. Poor sleep can, in turn, generate significant physical and psychological problems. So a mattress can have a dual effect on your sleep and daily life.

On the other hand, a comfy sleep surface can help you with your sleep and can make your mornings fresh. Before we analyze the effects and impact of a mattress on our life, we may ask ourselves:

Why is a Good Night's Sleep So Important?

Sleep plays a critical role in our physical and mental health and daily life. During sleep, your brain rests, and body rests. Sleep can overhaul the entire body by balancing hormone levels, repairing body tissues, and relaxing the muscles.

Many sleep disorders like insomnia, sleep deprivation, snoring, and sleep talking can be symptoms of a mental illness or can lead to mental disorders. Sleep apnea and insomnia are found to be related to anxiety and hypertension.

If you wake up the next morning grumpy, irritated and with an aching body for net getting quality sleep, your mattress might be the culprit.

How is a Mattress Important for Sleep?

According to Dr. Neil Kilne, a certified sleep physician and spokesperson for American Sleep Association "A mattress is so important since it's the one thing that is closer to us than anything else when we are sleeping, during that one-third of our lifetime." By this statement, you can reckon how crucial it is to have a comfortable mattress in your bedroom.

Impact of Mattress on Your Daily Life

- Mood and Stress

A study published in 2009 in the Journal of Chiropractic Medicine revealed that stress levels of a group of people has plummeted with the introduction of comfortable and medium-firm bedding.

The study also concluded that improved sleep quality became the reason for this welcoming change. This means that the mattress can directly help you reduce your stress levels and improve your morning moods.

- Spine alignment

Mattresses that offer little back support and fail to keep the sleeper’s spine in a natural position can cause chronic back pain. Chiropractors have emphasized the need for straight back posture to avoid neck pain and aches.

A saggy or extra firm mattress can make your spine go out of its natural straight position and make your day miserable. If you keep on using your old mattress, you are risking nerve compression and potentially dangerous problems.

- Intimacy

Bedroom intimacy is crucial for your love life. A sleep surface with appropriate bounce and support can help you, and your partner has a pleasurable time.

In this way, the mattress can indirectly affect a couple's daily life and help them relax. It's best if the couple shops for the bed together as they will be sharing it. The mattress size, firmness, and type should be suitable for both partners.

- REM sleep, Depression, and Anxiety

REM (Rapid Eye Movement) is the deep sleep stage that usually occurs after 90 of falling asleep. During REM, the brain is active, and rapid eye movements occur behind closed lids. The body becomes entirely relaxed and immobile. Dreams also occur during this stage.

REM stage can only be achieved if your Non REM (initial sleep stage) was sound and undisturbed. REM sleep stage can help drain sleeper’s anxiety and reduce depression. REM sleep also promotes learning, Central Nervous System (CNS), and brain development.

- Allergies

According to sleep experts from Ohio State University, your typical mattress can be home to more than 10 million microorganisms that are impossible to see with the naked eye. These micro-bugs live and thrive on a bed with body oil, dead skin cells, and dust.

Your mattress can thus become a source of allergies and dust mites that may cause sneezing, red eyes, coughing, and may even worsen your asthma symptoms. Clean sheets, anti-allergen protectors, and adequately washed bedding can reduce these issues.

If you are convinced that your old mattress is causing any such problems and is at the end of its age, you must say goodbye to it. If you can’t get enough time out of your busy routine; you can shop from the

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