Jim Plocker

Dear Single Mama's

Dear Single Mama’s,

You are the hardest working women in the world, and for that I salute you. And I should know… I was raised by one. One fabulous, beautiful, strong, committed bad-ass single mama.

Single mom’s are an amazing force to be reckoned with. No matter their circumstance, they are steadfastly devoted to their children. They will take, as my mom did up to two and three jobs, just to make sure their child can have a birthday party. They will sacrifice new clothes, haircuts, mani/pedis, dreams and the list goes on to make sure their children are fed and clothed. They will lose sleep cleaning the house. They will learn how to change a tire so they can teach their sons. They will give more than they ever knew they had, for their little angels.

And they do it all for nothing in return. The very definition of true love.

But let me tell you something, dear mama’s…

Single mama’s need love too! Yes! Yes… single mama’s deserve to be wined and dined. They deserve to receive sweet surprise text messages. They deserve to be the little spoon to someone’s big spoon. And yes indeed, single mama’s deserve to get their freak on!

So to all the beautiful, hardworking, devoted single mother’s, give yourself the gift of love this year for Mother’s Day. Do it for yourself; do it for your kids. More than anything in the world, your children want to see you HAPPY! And let’s face it, couch cuddling to Disney favorites, weekend soccer games, monitoring playdates and playing chauffeur to and from the mall can only be so satisfying. Of course you love your kids more than anything in the world, but when you are deep into some heart-pumping butterfly love, you experience a type of happiness that being a parent just doesn’t provide. To get that type of love, you need to make room in your heart and time in your life, to date.

Hear this loud and clear: You can be the greatest parent in the world AND have time for a successful and fulfilling dating journey!

In fact, being someone who can move on actually shows your kids that you are a healthy person - that you know how to overcome heartache, learn from it and prosper. Remember, do-over dating is not a punishment to a failed relationship or marriage –it is your second chance at the love you never really got, but deserve!

Here’s to all the beautiful single mama’s… may confidence, courage and wisdom guide you towards big, bountiful love... just like it did for my own mama.

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