Ahmad Shifat

5 Tips For Buying A Rose Gold Engagement Ring

Rose gold engagement rings are one of the most romantic pieces. The fact that the rose gold-tone appeals to almost skin makes it so popular. The soft pink hue from the rose gold metal not only looks romantic but also flattering to eyes. In this article, we share five tips to check before buying a rose gold plated engagement ring. Durability

How durable is rose gold compared to yellow or white gold? Interestingly enough, it is as durable as both gold types but less prone to wear and tear. Now, of course, platinum always stays as the strongest of all.


How affordable is rose gold? Often we think that is cheaper than yellow gold as it contains copper. But what you should know is that both the types of gold contains copper and it is only a matter of what proportion and content of the copper or alloyed metal. Thus, the price of 14K rose gold is almost the same as 14K yellow gold. Tarnish & Patina Finish

The best benefits of opting for rose gold is that it does not tarnish. The more it is worn, and as time goes by, the metal achieves a beautiful plush patina. Some jewellers also artificially manufacture a similar patina finish. This they do by soaking the metal in oxidizing solution or by using vintage paint products. Hypoallergenic properties

Is rose gold hypoallergenic? The fact that rose gold contains copper and alloy metals may cause allergic triggers. But, not all rose gold metals cause allergic triggers, and in this case, it is essential to know what type of alloy metal is present in it. It can contain Zinc, palladium or silver. Cleaning and maintenance

Keeping rose gold clean is relatively easy than other precious metal. As time goes by, it develops a beautiful patina. You can prevent the tarnish by cleaning it regularly. These days, jewellers provide free engraving services as complementary to their clients. It is a great way to personalize your engagement ring. You can engrave important dates, simple message or your partner’s initials inside the ring. For more inspirations and ideas for buying a diamond rings in Australia.

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