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Top 5 free YouTube to mp3 converters online

So it happens that YouTube has more music to stream than most other places. But you are very limited on how you can listen to Youtube’s music. You can’t really stream and listen to music outside of the Youtube app. Well, maybe you can, if someone made a huge page with many many embedded music videos on it, and you’d be pressing play on and on… It doesn’t sound like good times, does it?

If you are rich, like “pay-for-music-rich” — you can try spending some good cash on YouTube Premium or even its much more expensive sister — Youtube TV. But sometimes it’s just more comfortable and makes more sense to convert Youtube video to mp3 format and be done with it. This method helps when music you’re looking for cannot be found on “official” Youtube channels, talking of course about local talents and home-made footage. Where if not on Youtube?

However it is unfortunate, free online tools are usually ridden with spam, popups, redirects, push and other browser javascript tricks to make 1 thing possible — you seeing their ads. Some places may even try to get you to download and install, and of course eventually pay for their special software, that is one and only capable of doing your desired task properly, blah-blah..

Yet the good places still exist, so we’ve decided to compile the list of best youtube to mp3 converters online that don’t try to sell you software and are reasonably free of spammy adverts.

1. YTMP3

What’s good about it? is our top pick. It’s quite an honest site, there are no hidden layers of redirects, it’s one of the most popular Youtube to mp3 converters online, and it’s also 1st in our hearts. How to use Ytmp3? Nothing special, just copy video URL from website, then paste it into the white box just like the one shown above, and hit convert button. Select mp3 or mp4, if you need special format. Download will be available as soon as 2hr long max video is converter to mp3, or mp4.

2. Y2mate

What’s good about it? Y2mate is one of the oldest and greatest online Youtube converters out there. It’s definitely most used one in the world right now. It’s great, fast, and for the amount of work it does — pretty swift with conversions. Try it out, you can even use built-in search for Youtube videos.

How to use ? Simply put in a video URL you copied from Youtube website and hit Start red button. Or you can start typing something on your mind, and Y2mate will supply a number of videos it thinks may interest you, according to your search input and general life interests.

3. Convert2mp3

What’s good about it? Well, you must have heard about Convert2mp3? It’s one of the most traditional sites, originating in Germany but welcoming everyone from all over the world. It’s free, it’s fast, it has built-in Youtube video search, works for several other sources too, it’s worth checking it out.

How to use ? Type in some words and hit search in the bottom section of the input field area, or use the top section to paste video URL and select format to convert video to. After all is good, there will be big download button, click that and mp3 will convert and download to your computer or mobile phone. Fast, easy and quite secure.

4. Flvto

What’s good about it? Flvto only works with verified videos. It’s one of the bigger players, maybe top 5 right now, and it’s under a lot of fire from “music police”, that’s looking to stop spread of unauthorized copies of songs. Well, as long as you keep those to yourself and never share with anyone — you’re covered under DVR law of the internet (to be shallow).

How to use? You can input the video link into the white and orange text box, select conversion format below, definitely check out and accept the TOS of Flvto website, and then go ahead and hit on the convert button, where special popup will show and continue conversion for you. Download will be ready when conversion is done.

5) Converto

What’s good about it? And finally we come to fully free of ads selection, this one is newer but it’s very nice, it’s a great Youtube converter mp4 & mp3 formats. It works fast, it has top 25 most popular videos option where you don’t even need to search, just see what others like. Converto also provides a way to search Youtube videos, just type something in the white box and use suggestions or red GO button to complete the search. Easy as day.

How to use ? Besides those methods, you can still do the classic copy video link URL from Youtube (usually click Share button to find video link). Then bring it here, past into the white box and hit GO button, same thing, just going to give you the video download information right away. If you have Youtube playlist — try that sucker too, copy its URL from Youtube and paste it into the white input box, hit GO and see all the videos line up for download at your fingertips.


Hopefully these 5 choices also satisfy your craving for a nice functional and ad-free online Youtube to mp3 converter.

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