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The 6 Tips on Puppy Training

All puppies must be trained so that they can mate with their owners. The following puppy training tips will help you train your puppies. Read more here.

Train your puppy to sleep

When training a puppy to sleep in front, be sure to stop your left hand. Let the puppy first sleep in front of you, then turn your right hand up and down and ask him to "lie down". At the same time, pull the grip down with your left hand to keep your head and your entire body down. If the puppy is not ready, you can pull it down on its collar. If you order, you can also drag her front legs straight before sleeping. If he understands well, immediately give him a good meal as a reward.

Train your puppy to get and carry

There is a training method that you can use to train a cub easily. Throw a ball and let your girl bring it back. Do this over and over again. When you throw the ball, ask the puppy to "bring the ball back". When the ball hits you, say "bring it". Prepare a small meal in your pocket and place it on the floor when the puppy approaches you. The puppy opens its mouth and throws the ball for food.

Exercise to name your child

Before training, you should name your cub first. For a good name, you can choose a word with a letter or two so that your child can remember and differentiate the name. If you have two or more puppies, the pronunciation of names should be different so that your puppies are not confused. When is the best time for call training? In general, it is the right time for the puppy to remain calm, e.g. B. when he is playing for food or begging.

Train your dog in heels

Our training focuses more on friendly communication between the puppy and the owner.

1, get a toy or food that your puppy will like, the puppy sits next to your left leg. Remember that a toy or food is one that attracts the puppy's attention to you.

2, the owner takes a step forward, taps the left leg and tells the puppy to "heel" or "follow".

3, if the puppy is obedient to sit next to you, give him a little food or a stroke as a reward. Also, keep a little space between you and the puppy. If you encourage a puppy, then the restraint should be relaxed so that the puppy knows that the restraint is appropriate.

4, don't worry if the puppy is walking around, call it back and restart.

5, exercise time should be limited to 20 minutes. After training, the puppy should have a lot of fun, you can also play a game with him.

6, after a week of training, the puppy will definitely be able to follow you well. This is a good start, train often, the puppy will chase you efficiently.

Puppies barked

Dog barking is a natural behavior. The frequency of dog barking depends on how you exercise. Of course, some breeds of dogs prefer to breed inbred, for example, small, strong and observant breeds of dogs. In comparison, the darkness of a large dog is darker and powerful, and it makes less noise than the darkness of a small dog.

All puppies should be trained to know when to bark and when not to bark. If your puppy comes into the dark at the wrong time, then you should really warn him, e.g. B. "Hey, keep calm!" If it calms down, praise it immediately. Your "Hey" should be loud and harsh.


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