No Credit Check Loans

What are no credit check loans?

There is no such thing as a safe no credit loans, direct lenders are FCA authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority and need to perform affordability checks to ensure you can afford to pay back your loan. No matter how tempting the idea of a “no credit check loan” sounds when you have bad credit, we want to ensure customers understand that no such thing exists in the US. We will however assist you find a loan you'll afford by filling out a quick application here.

If you have found a lender that is offering bad credit loans with no guarantor and no-credit check, it really is very important, despite how much you need the cash, to think hard before using them. If they're operating within the us, this means they're not authorized by the FCA and therefore the model is possibly illegal or at the very least immoral. Repayment fees are often greatly inflated, making borrowers pay a lot more back than they borrowed, which sometimes forces people into a cycle of debt.

What are credit checks?

When a borrower applies to require out any kind of credit, the direct lender will need to conduct a credit check on that person. This process involve them to communicating with a US credit reference agency, like Equifax or Experian. These agencies will then provide details of how someone has managed their credit and finances in the past.

Your previous borrowing behavior is used to determine how likely you're to handle the funds you've got applied for well. For example, if in the past you have not made repayments on time, or struggled with debt, you might be considered too much of a risk and not given a loan.

The credit report that is compiled when a check is requested contains a range of information:

• How much debt a person has

• How bills are paid, if they are paid on time, in installments or annually

• Where you live and how long for

• Where you work, what type of work, and your salary

• If you have filed for bankruptcy

• If you have had any property repossessed, such as a house or vehicle

Depending on a person’s circumstances, a credit report can hold a lot of data. In some cases, a yearly credit report can be more than 100 pages. That’s because, as well as the above key information, it contains ways to identify a person as well as any variations or misspellings of their name.

The report provides details on a person’s credit cards and loans, if they have any. For people with credit cards, this includes the balance, limit, kind of account, its status, and also the payment history. Similarly with loans, the amount borrowed and payment history will be reported. Alongside this, there'll be a section that lists out businesses that have recently asked for a credit check.

Why are credit checks important?

There are two angles to this. The first is that lenders want to make sure the money they give out will come back to them. Secondly, credit checks are also in place to guard people from financial problems. They stop people getting rid of loans that they couldn’t pay back, which might create further financial difficulties for them. A credit check can protect against this situation by ensuring someone is capable of paying a debt.

Slick Cash Loan Offers For Bad Credit Scores:

Generally, an individual is suitable loan applicants if they ...

• Are 18 years or 18 years in age

• Have a permanent US address and a US resident

• Can provide valid contact details, such as phone numbers

• Have a regular income and / or currently employed

• Own bank account for direct deposit of loan 

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