Joseph Begay

TOP 3 Feminist Awakening Books in Genres of Reverse Harem

Inverse harem refers to a novel or cartoon with emotional and love scenes based on multiple leading men around one heroine. Inverse harem fictions is a rather popular genre of fictions as it was originally trending in the field of anime.

However, reverse harem novels have been disdained and ridiculed by outsiders for a certain period of time. In the early years, an inverse harem fiction with the well known heroine, Marry Sue became famous and turned to be a household name for narcissists.

In today's society, a large number of female readers are disgusted with inverse harem fictions, believing that women should be independent and self-love, rather than longing for a man's love in turn. Today we will use three typical reverse harem fictions to correct the name of readers of reverse harem. reverse harem does not represent an incorrect understanding of self-worth. Freedom of thought and the fearless pursuit of pleasure are true feminist emancipations.

TOP 1. Twin Admirer Series

Admirer is the glamour of feminism. Twins are great, so why not have them together.

When women are no longer male-centered, both attractiveness and ability will become dematerialized values for women. Most importantly, women are supposed to open their hearts and enjoy the process, rather than get bogged down in knots or make choices.

That's the point of this series. Then when a woman has multiple male admirers at the same time, this kingdom is the paradise of Reverse Harem fiction created by a platform called dream story.

TOP 2. Stockholm or the Free Yourself series

No matter what you think, the spotlight is not what women need to be concerned about. The public's awakening to feminism in the general sense often comes from independence and self-reliance as reverse harem fictions. As a result, the pressure of asexuality and excessive self-restraint are creeping down on women while this is widely believed. What we tend to forget is that it is the backward or prematurely aging culture that requires individuals to give themselves a socially agreed identity. And progressive women don't care.They do what they want. To fall in love with someone who is opposite to you is the most fundamental freedom and liberation, physical and mental.

TOP 3. The Werewolf Girl Series

We've seen a lot of tough werewolves.If today's society needs a sign of The Times, it represents the distinct existence and leadership of feminism.Then the fantasy time must also be a strong female role, the most individual style as reverse harem, and with the spirit of perseverance all the way forward, even the choice of partners are completely self-centered to decide.This is not just a narcissistic compulsion, but a reflection of real life.

Becoming the leader of your race is only the first step in your life. Of course, you also have many followers for reverse harem, you can protect them or be guarded by them. In short, freedom is your choice of everything, and responsibility is your choice of yourself.

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