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5 Reasons that Emphasize Me to Carry Pocket Knives

Knives have served the humanity for the longest period of time. It was the earliest weapon that people used for cutting. However, it is still a major cutting tool. Knives are not just used in the kitchen, there are many other uses. In the modern days, the manufacturers are designing knives that can serve people in diverse ways.

For instance, pocket knives are used nowadays as the EDC knives for doing all the everyday tasks. Also, knives have been adopted as the self defense weapons as of late. There are plenty of incredible knives available in the market, but pocket knives have emerged as the most popular and useful knives.

Pocket knives, aka folding knives, are one of the most popular knives in the modern days. These knives are designed to be carried in the pockets. They are compact, small, lightweight and feature extremely small blades. I have kept different types of knives, but now I am stick to these folding knives. I have found them the most advantageous knives in every situation. It has been an year since I am carrying pocket knives. Here are the five reasons that emphasize me to carry this knife:

1. Ease of Carry

A Pocket Knife is the easiest to carry knife. The size is seriously small and the weight is too low. It is perhaps the smallest knife ever designed. The knife features a small sized blade and a small handle in which the blade is folded. When the knife is completely deployed, it is still smaller than many fixed blade knives. However, it works on a folding mechanism. The blade is foldable which can be folded inside the handle. There is a locking mechanism installed as well which makes sure that the blade is locked when folded or deployed at its respective position.

So, this reduced size makes it easy to carry for me. I usually keep the knife in my pocket. The blade is folded and hence, I have no problem carrying it. The locking mechanism would ensure that the blade does not accidentally open to hurt me. Also, there is no need to put any leather sheath on. Hence, I am comfortable to carry this knife in my pocket.

2. Accomplish the Routine Tasks

One of the reasons I carry a pocket knife is that it allows me to accomplish my routine tasks. So, this is an everyday carry tool for me. I have to perform different tasks on routine basis, such as cutting tasks in the kitchen. I can cut the veggies and fruits to prepare food for myself. It helps me with almost every cutting work in the kitchen. It also helps me in my backyard where it works as a small gardening tool. It can trim leaves and grass. In addition, it makes many routine tasks easier, such as opening the canned objects, opening the letters and boxes, and cutting ropes etc.

3. Self Defense

A pocket knife works as a brilliant self defense weapon for me. Self defense is perhaps the biggest reason that emphasizes me to carry this knife. It fulfills all of my self defense needs. I have come across the attackers on different occasions, but my pocket knife saved me each time. To me, it is the perfect weapon for self defense. First of all, it is easy to carry because you can keep it in the pocket and pull it out when an attacker attacks you. Other than pocket, you can keep it in the bag, purse or car’s dashboard. The ease of carry and ease of use makes it an effective weapon for self defense.

Pocket knife is also a quick weapon when compared to other self defense weapons. You can just push a button or use some force to partially open the blade, your weapon would be ready. There is no need to aim., rather, you can aim any part of the body. The blade might be small, but has the capability to inflict serious injuries. My pocket knife is highly durable and sturdy and lets me prevent such attacks. So, to survive during harsh attacks, I carry my pocket knife.

4. My Travel Partner

Pocket knife is my travel partner as well. Whenever I travel anywhere or tour a landscape, I never forget taking my pocket knife. It has proven to be the most useful tool while travelling. It helps me prepare food while travelling. For instance, I can cut and peel fruits and veggies with the knife. Also, it helps me prepare shelter when I am in a landscape. Being a frequent traveller, I often get engaged in camping. A knife is the most essential tool for camping. A knife lets you cut woods for making shelter and kindling woods for fire. It is also useful for fishing and hunting. With this knife, you can easily perform skinning of small game. Hence, to survive during travel, my pocket knife does a wonderful job.

5. An Emergency Tool

Pocket knife is a superb emergency and survival tool as well. I carry it as a first aid tool. At times, the passengers need to cut the seat belt off after an accident, but there is no such tool to do so. I helped a victim of car accident last month by cutting the seat belt and making him free to get out of his car. In case of emergencies, there is no better partner than this knife. Once I came across a wild animal while I was touring a landscape in Montana. Thanks to my pocket knife, I successfully survived his attack. The blade inflicted a serious injury to the animal and allowed me to escape and save my life.

Consider all the situations above, a pocket knife proves to be the most handy thing to have. I any situation, it remained my primary weapon. These reasons are enough to convince me to have my knife with me all the time. It assists me in the survival situations where I need to save my life. It is a perfect emergency and EDC tool. Also, a perfect weapon to have while travelling to a landscape!

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