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Happy New Year to All!

Depending on the climate, there are four asanas a year, often three, sometimes even fewer. The day that is new is arbitrary and cultural. But that does not mean that it is a bad thing. In fact, New Year's Day - or at least New Year's Eve - is probably the most optimistic day of the year for most people. Happy New Year Wishes for https://www.merrychristmashappynewyear2018.com But about a month after the new year - or less - people wake up in the morning and fulfill their old habits and do not get excited about all those great things this year. In fact, people go beyond their purpose (for example, they stop smoking), but the fact that they stop smoking also seems outdated.

It seems possible that there is a way of life in which every day of life is as exciting as the New Year that promises promise and growth for harvesting like a ripe fruit on a tree. Each new moment offers the possibility of renewal; Every second is pregnant with endless possibilities. New Year's Day is a time when people come out of their tunnel vision and say, "I'm finally going to do something great, I'll let it happen!" And why shouldn't people do this? Not just on New Year's Day, but every day?

Life should not live in a world submerged in gray. The world is the canvas, the heart is the color of colors. This life is exciting! Appreciate every moment, even if you don't like it. Remember, intentions need to be redefined - this is the promise of development - but it is also about ending bad habits and bringing vague clues, warm existence is very bad habits.

The boy and his father were standing in the middle of our quiet street. "What do you do?" I asked

"Throw a Buick!" He and Dad pushed two more down the hill while the boy smiled. Merry Christmas Wishes for https://www.merrychristmashappynewyear2018.com/ I saw him in the early hours of Saturday and fell into the distance.

The world is full of rubbish. Gender differences in pension distance. Reliability interval. Ireland's spectacular odds should not be missed like Dun Dun. And some, like the London Underground people, should avoid. ("Think Gap" - so you don't switch between trains and platforms!)

Ever heard of the term gap year? It usually refers to the breaking up of high school graduates or graduates who postpone enrollment at later levels of life. Ideally, someone would use the time to do something new: work, volunteer work, internships, apprenticeships, self-study, travel ... or the real world. The underlying goal is to find out what you really want to do with your life.

A few years ago in January, our daughter embarked on an adventure in Southeast Asia, when our son and girlfriend went to Malaysia to teach English. They all had vague plans for it. But there are habits of change for those who dare to venture into them, and that is the whole point. I used his departure to ask, "Where do I find some places to give more than I need this year?" I felt that I wanted to write fiction again.

Adults and teens want more time that they do. Seems like a worthy new year resolution. How would one know about lag rather than waiting for life to slow down? I'm not talking about the big bumps you need to throw away your "real" life for a year. I am talking about the small bumps we constantly ignore, even as they flutter, glow and tremble around us. In the middle of the car, drinking coffee in the car ... and thinking about the next six things you should do. The gate to the gap can be your son's lock or a bird flying on the highway. Or ... pretty much everything.

In the spirit of the new year, it is a challenge. Here, on your computer, you are in the distance. Go ahead, no one is watching. Wait a minute while reading these words. Take a breath ... and notice how you breathe. Exhale ... and focus on exhaling. (Come on, play with me.) Gently look around the room. Discover something familiar and appreciate something new. Ibe Topilot stopped deliberately and life slowed down and calmed down a bit. What can happen if you knowingly explore it and appreciate your children for example? How can your experience in parenting change? How about your vision of who you are and what it means to you as a person?

To be perfectly clear, I am not in favor of taking your cuticles out and for twenty-four hours. I am just suggesting that life provides more opportunities than stress / productivity. Nirvana / Sloth. I am one of the most productive people I know and proud of. Trust me, when I say that you can find gaps and still be productive. While I often fall into the gaps that I do (I'm in the middle now), I'm calmer and more enthusiastic at the same time. It makes me creatively, intellectually, intuitively… and enhances my productivity.

I know from my e-mail that teenagers are stressful. You can help them find moments in their lives. This can reduce your stress levels, which will reduce the overall stress of your home. Talk to your children about the concept of distance… a short break from everyday business. Make it a model for that. the wages? You will start enjoying your life at a higher level. And with your guidance, your family will survive in time rather than just passing.

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