Katherine Conley

5 Areas with Percussion Massage Guns to Stay Away From

Percussion massagers offer several advantages, including reducing muscular tension, enhancing mobility, boosting blood flow, and alleviating pain and usual post-workout stiffness. And the likelihood is that you either own, have used, or know someone who raves about one of these tools at this point. These days, you can also run across them while seeing a physical therapist, chiropractor, or massage therapist.

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Larger trochanter

On your two feet. Your hands should be in your pockets. Allow your pelvis to move by adjusting your weight from side to side. You will feel a bony region on the side of your hip that is sticking out into your palm when you do so. Your thigh bone's greater trochanter is located here.


Have you heard of a massage gun causing organ damage? For instance, kidneys are especially vulnerable since they are located in the center of your back, near the surface. While you may believe you are having a fantastic back massage, pressing on the kidneys directly may cause them to vibrate more forcefully than they were intended to.

Biceps tendon

Reach over with one hand to the front of the shoulder on the other side of you. Under the region you are now feeling is your lengthy head of biceps tendon. Particularly if you have rotator cuff weakness or weakness in the muscles between your shoulder blades, pain and strain in this region are particularly prevalent. While it may be tempting to use the massage gun to ease pain and stress, reconsider! This tendon is weaker than it seems and may be torn or at least inflamed by pressure and vibration.


Place one hand at the point where the top of the opposing shoulder meets the base of the neck. This region, which many of us refer to as the "upper traps," is often troubled by ongoing tension in the shoulders and neck. You will feel a knot if you softly press in that won't go away despite your best efforts to massage it. It is a bone instead of a muscle knot, which is why it won't go away. Your first rib is that bone. It may be tempting to press the massage gun into this spot in an effort to reduce chronic neck stress, but resist the urge!


Your spine is most likely located precisely where you think it is, but you may still reach around your back and locate certain bones to make sure percussive massage doesn't disturb them. Under those bony edges, you feel are your spinal cord, discs, and nerve roots, and none of them were made to withstand strong direct vibration pressures. Since agitating a nerve root, disc, or even the spinal cord itself might result in very significant and complex spine injuries, agitating these bones with a massage gun provides more danger than benefit.

Be careful

Keep the massage gun, but use your new understanding of anatomy to decide where to position it safely. Avoid pushing firmly into any areas when the massage gun is buzzing, even in places that are safer. In general, little pressure is okay, but pressing in too deeply might put a strain on other bones, nerves, or organs, which could also cause injury.

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