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What are the Different Types of File Formats Used Widely

In the computer world, there are different file formats used in various applications. For example, you can find .doc and .docx files to be used in the MS Office Word application. So similarly, you can find a lot of file formats in every niche like documents, media, etc. When you know about these formats you can use it better for your requirement. In this article, we shall discuss the popular file formats that are widely used by people in their daily life.

Popular File Formats That are Used Widely

Here is a list of file formats in both media and document-type files:






JPEG or JPG is a file format that is widely used in the images captured by cameras and pictures found on the internet. They are an excellent file format for images because they are lightweight and don’t consume more space.

The format focuses on the data which are visible to the human eye and those which cannot be perceived will be omitted. So, due to this nature, it doesn’t consume a large amount of space and the files are lightweight. Also, you can view this file on any device without any need for separate photo viewers.


Known as Portable Network Graphics or PNG, which is also a format used for images. But unlike JPGs, PNG files have a higher picture quality and are used only for logos and website hero images.

The format also supports images with transparent backgrounds which enables you to use it as a logo. This is a heavy file format and cannot be used widely for sharing.


It is also an image-related format, but it is a raster format that has extremely high quality. It is mostly used by professional media creators and photographers who want to edit high-quality images captured by them. This tagged image file format is usually used in applications like Photoshop and it is not recommended to use on websites. For sharing on websites, you can use tiff to jpg converter and use the jpg file formats.


This Portable Document Format is one of the most successful and widely used formats for sharing documents and images without any loss of data or loss in compression.

It is an excellent format that can help create long-form documents, images, etc. without any kind of compression or loss. The important thing with PDF is that you cannot open a PDF file without a PDF reader.


These are the popular file formats you can find among people in daily life. All these formats have their advantages and disadvantages. So, you must choose the best type of file format as per your requirement and you can also convert them as per your need with a converter application.

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