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Not All Automotive Repair Shops Are Created Equal

Automotive repair in Plainfield Illinois or not, everyone wants a shop that they can count on, trust and that will include a cost effective solution when the need may arise. There are a lot of automotive repair shops near me to choose from but they are all not created equal by any means.

Wouldn't it be great to look online, find the closest repair shop near me, click to call and then feel all warm and fuzzy inside after picking up the vehicle from the repair shop all happy as can be? It should be that easy, but come on now, not all auto repair shops are created equal.

In all actuality, choosing the wrong auto repair shop will cost you time, money and will include a free headache. But this doesn't have to be the case.

I personally don't want to have to bring my vehicle back to a repair shop, just after getting my car back from the shop, because something wasn’t done right the first time. But that is just me, maybe you like spending time at your local auto repair shop. Now don't get me wrong in some cases there might not be any choice but to, like: some parts may have to be ordered, maybe the job is going to take a wee bit longer than you thought, possibly the shops schedule isn't aligning to your schedule, etc.

The importance of choosing which automotive repair shop you go to wisely. Make sure the warm fuzzy feeling is going to be guaranteed.

Checking out some reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp, BBB, is a great way to find a good mechanic shop near me. Just like repair shops not all reviews are created equal either. Make sure the reviews sound and feel genuine when read. Look at some of the reviewer's other reviews. Do they sound maybe fake and or do they review places all over the world? Not everyone has a chance to travel the world, some people do, but if the reviews sound funny good chance the reviews were purchased from an overseas review writer.

Another cool feature is to check out if the owner responds to reviews. If they take the time to respond, it shows that they want to keep a good reputation and more than likely care about it also.

Reviews are a big help in finding a cost effective & dependable automotive repair shop but reviews simply aren't everything.

So, you picked an auto repair shop but are you happy with your choice? A couple of factors go a long way and can be the determining difference in the make or break of your happiness.

As an owner of a successful auto repair shop in Plainfield Illinois one of the biggest things that we know customers love is great communication. Communicating above and beyond to the point of 100% transparency is key to any business but especially in the automotive service industry.

Great communication starts with the first phone call, then to the drop off, after the initial diagnosis & quote, through to the pickup & goodbye. When done right it will equal a long lasting relationship, referrals, plus in some cases a review and or feedback of some kind that depending on the communication and the feelings will leave a long lasting impression to many customers to come.

What To Expect From A Professional Auto Repair Shop

1. Communication Communication = 100% Transparency. Like mentioned above is hands down one of if not the most important aspect of any successful business especially in the automotive industry.

2. A quote/estimate explained thoroughly before any major service is preformed should be a given but in some cases is an overlooked given.

Now, not every case is smooth as butter. Some people come by, drop off their car, and ask for the job to be quoted before the work is preformed. Sure no problem, but the car has to be looked at in some cases and diagnosed properly unfortunately, where in the service industry time is money but making people happy is priceless. Explaining this to some makes enemies and or is how some shops get a bad reputation or negative reviews.

To most people it's a given if there is a problem the vehicle will have to be diagnosed. Some shops including our shop aka Last Chance Auto Repair, will look at a vehicle for free of charge with any paid service or even free on occasion. Now in other cases things can get time consuming, special equipment may be needed, and or a multitude of other reasons may pop up that will ultimately require a fee in order to diagnose the vehicle properly.

Sometimes people are down on their luck and some times they got lucky by finding a caring shop that truly cares and regardless may be charged mere pennies and or nothing due to the circumstances.

Whenever there is the possibility of a more extensive diagnosis service that will cost money we let the customer know before we dive in by breaking down the best and worse case scenario's. Which is the least that we can do for a customer giving us the chance to earn their business.

I'm not sure about other auto repair shops, but we have heard some horror stories. We operate like we have a reputation to uphold, people come to us for a reason, let us show you what the best is all about.

3. Scheduling says what? Scheduling is a key aspect in making sure a customers needs are met. You have places to be, people to see and things to do. Life is kind of like a schedule, the more on time you are, the more time you have to accomplish life. Now unfortunately in the auto industry other things break, sometimes other parts need to be ordered and in some cases things don't quite go the way things were planned.

Automotive Repair Shop In Plainfield Illinois You Can Count On

In the long run our automotive repair shop aka service center isn't happy unless you are happy, but we have bills to pay and family's to feed and expensive equipment that we probably paid way to much money for. Whatever we can do to help, make a friend and earn your business, we're on it.

Want to schedule an appointment for repair, service or have some questions for us? Give us a call at 815-577-0327 now. Want to stop by, check out the shop, say hello? Find us at 12052 S Naper Plainfield Rd Plainfield, IL 60585.

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