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Know when to consult a profession: Appropriate bedroom behavior

Sexual behavior is one area of human behavior where it is difficult to establish the boundary between normal and pathological conditions.

Classifying the primary sexual disorders can explain how this aspect of our behavior is organized.

Therefore, we are going to talk a little about each sexual behavior disorder to understand it better.

What are they, and how do they manifest themselves?

Sexual disorders have been divided into three major groups such as paraphilias, disorders of sexual identity, and sexual dysfunctions.

I will introduce you to all of them, but the scope of this article is to know about sexual dysfunctions in detail.


Paraphilias are characterized by intense and repeated sexual fantasies, impulses of a sexual nature that involve non-human objects, suffering or self-humiliation, or children or people who do not consent, and therefore are considered maladaptive, as they damage the quality of life of the patient, the individual and/or people who are related to him.

Disorders of sexual identity

Sexual identity disorder refers to the discomfort that a person feels about their sexual condition together with the desire to be of the other sex. In this area, there is a long debate about whether conflicts in sexual identity should be considered as disorders or simply as sexual preferences; such would be the case of homosexuality.

Sexual dysfunctions

The sexual dysfunctions include all changes that occur during sex, may occur at the onset of sexual life or even later. The causes can be physical, psychological, or both.

Sexual desire disorders

Inhibited sexual desires are characterized by a deficit in sexual fantasies and a lack of sexual desire. This apathy not only includes disinterest in sex but also in all sexual behavior such as masturbation. It is usually more common in women.

Sex aversion disorder is characterized by avoiding all genital contact. Such people tend to have a high level of anxiety and panic when facing sexual intercourse. It occurs more often in women.

Sexual arousal disorder can happen with any gender, such as arousal disorder in women, failure to maintain lubrication, erectile dysfunction in men, total or partial failure to obtain or maintain an erection until the end of the sexual act. For more information about the causes and remedies of erectile disorders in men, you can visit and seek professional help.

Orgasm disorders include male and female sexual dysfunctions and premature ejaculation. Within this category, we can also find anorgasmia is defined as an absence or delay of orgasm during normal sexual activity. Psychological factors tend to predominate over organic ones.

Vaginismus is a condition in women where the sexual desires are present, but the problem manifests at the time of intercourse, where a reflex spasm causes the female genitalia to contract and causing the opening to close. This condition is also closely linked to pain disorders in women.

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