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Minecraft: Pocket-Friendly Edition Review

Are you a video game fanatic? Have you played some of the best games available? Do you find old video games quite appealing? These are the set of questions that can be asked to anyone who knows what Minecraft is. Some retro games are pretty popular among people. People keep on playing them. One of those is Minecraft. Minecraft is an enormously successful game that dominates its category of games from the front. Though it has no story, no characters, no specific game, no dramatic scenes, and graphics, it has gained massive popularity. It lets the player shape a blocky world around them with digital hands. It generated enormous game time, and players found it quite interesting.

Here we are providing brief information about the same, which emphasizes pocket-friendly editions of Minecraft. Also, we will discuss the different versions.

What are the different versions of this game?

Minecraft is available on every platform. From PC to PlayStation, it has its presence everywhere. When it comes to the high-end gaming experience, then the Minecraft PC version holds the top place. Apart from that, it can easily function on the regular desktop also. Each version of the game depends on the kind of device you are using, but the game fundamentals remain the same.

Minecraft is available on consoles. The different versions currently available for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Wii U, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. This provides high-end gaming action with an old yet attractive game.

One of the other kinds of versions is the pocket edition. The pocket edition is specifically for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, and Amazon Fire. Those who are pretty adaptable to small devices can play this game easily on these devices. However, the pocket edition's gameplay is different from all the others, which appeals to the user a lot.

Downloading and installation

The downloading and installation of this game are pretty easy. One can easily download the game from APKDyno or the play store. Once it gets downloaded, then install it. Do not forget to calibrate the resolution as the game needs to set on different devices.


The following are some of this game's features that make it quite exciting and make this game playable enough


This pocket-friendly edition of Minecraft provides two modes, creative mode, and survival mode. In the creative mode, the players can jump onto the world. The players are equipped with everything that they need to create the world. For example, if you want to build a hut, you can use the limitless planks present in your inventory. While in survival mode, the players start with empty pockets. They must gradually earn the needful possessions. You have to collect all the stuff.

Resolution or size control

When it comes to pocket-friendly editions of this game, it provides different resolutions that can help play games on the device. The players just need to set the controls as per their device resolution. This is one of the most critical aspects that are pretty helpful. This feature helps to get the maximum of the pocket-friendly edition as the size of the device on which the user wants to play differs.


The foremost feature of this retro game is its inventory that provides a helping hand to the players. The most prominent thing in this game is to build yourself a home. You cannot construct the same with an empty inventory.


Minecraft is equipped with two cycles which means after 10-15minutes, the whole routine changes. The sun will set, which effectively makes it a night. The player should not be out at night as there is a possibility of getting into hostility. There are different ways through which you can cater your first night. However, it depends on your strategy also.

· Option of gathering

The option for gathering different resources in the daytime is quite effective, and it is the need of the game. The resources lie in the inventory that helps in constructing the desired world of the players. The players go on hunting which provides them with different kinds of objects that will be used for other purposes in the game.

There are some of the games that generated massive popularity. Whether you are a millennial or from the present, the popularity remains the same. However, the advent of technology has changed the equation substantially. It has provided us with some go-to devices that hold these games. Playing these games can be a cakewalk on these devices. The pocket-friendly edition of Minecraft is also like that; it effectively gains the players' attention and keeps them playing it for hours. It doesn't matter what age group you belong to; this is one of the games with a fan base in each one of them.

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