Malik Nauman

How Mobile Apps Can Enhance Your Student Life?

Constant notifications, multiple social media breaks, and TikTok sessions; do you think your smartphone is an enemy to student life? Well, you don't need to lock your smartphone in a box or turn it off every time you sit down to study because you can transform your devices into 'study assistants.'

With over 4.2 million apps spread among 27 categories on Apple App Store, 'Education' takes third place as a category after Games and Business categories.

Compared to Google Play Store, over 3.52 million apps lie under 49 different categories, and 'Education' takes first place on this app store.


So when education apps take such an important place on these two largest app stores today, why switch off your smartphones to concentrate on your studies? Instead, utilize them in your everyday tasks, including in classrooms. Below, look at some of the notable educational app categories and how they can help students in their studies:

Lecture capture apps

When you think of classrooms and lectures, it reminds us of scribbling endlessly on notepads, so students don't miss out on crucial pieces of information from the lecture.

SoundNote: You can type, draw while the app records the lecture audio. Another necessary candy this app offers is, when you want to search for some information from the older recordings, of course, there are no pages to turn. Instead, you tap the word, and the app will jump directly to the point in the audio.

Echo360: This one is even more interesting; the University of Western Ontario takes care of the licensing of this app for its students because the students love the app. While having the recording features, it can live-stream lectures, answer polls, and engage in in-class discussion. Probably, a good fit for remote learning as well.

Top Hat: It is also a lecture recording and live-streaming app, with features to support multi-purpose including remote learning, and significantly help universities repurpose the previous recording to offer previews of upcoming topics be covered - more of an institution-centric approach than student-centric both above-described products cover.

These are some of the few picks, but the learning app community is growing exponentially with free and paid versions of these apps. You can google for other products on the market that can better suit your unique requirements.

Revision apps

Revision sometimes sounds like a boring, if not a tiresome task. But these apps are created with one main intention: making 'revisions' a fun process!

CheggPrep: It makes you create flip cards or search to use flip cards relevant to your course out of over 500 million cards prepared by the peers.

Anki: This app uses flashcards that help with techniques to memorize your functional study platform. It can also be a handy choice if you ever have to learn a new language or memorize speeches apart from helping to prepare for the exam.

Quezlet: It's is a popular choice among teachers and students alike. As a student, you create your own study materials picking from a wide range of topics. Or use a vast library of materials created by other Quizlet platform users. Teachers can also create study or exam materials with or without the aid of other available materials on the platform and then share their study materials among all the platform users or the classroom.

Student planner apps

These apps help organize your study life. With these apps, you can draft schedules for your classes, study timing, social timing, or anything you feel deserves a plan. Then the apps will send reminders and alerts to remind your schedules.

Timetable: It's a popular intuitive app for managing your school or university life. Save your schedule and all tasks from homework to exams with a beautiful user interface that won't bore you.

Class Timetable: Another popular choice with many downloads on the App Store is a perfect student companion to organize your schedules.

DIY App Builder: Well, not it's not an app; instead, these are app-building platforms that allow you to carefully craft your own branded app to plan your schedules, share study materials, and start your own blogging with a mobile. Another added advantage it gives when you create your own app is selling your works online or promoting a product to earn commissions. If you're interested, check out this simple drag and drop app builder to start your app-making endeavor.

Whichever app you choose to enhance your student life, make sure to get a review from other users. And, if an app can serve multiple purposes of your requirements, it could be the best fit for you since it reduces distractions or minimizes having to juggle between different apps.

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