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Common Bail Bond Terms You Should Know

Very few of us understand the bail bond terms and various legal terms associated with it. Usually used by judges, courts and lawyers, an acquaintance to these legal terms can help defendants and families to make sound legal decisions regarding bail bonds Hempstead NYC. Let us learn some of these terms.

What is bail bond agent?

A bail bond agent or service pay the full bail amount on behalf on the defendant. In lieu, they charge around 10% of the total bail amount as their fees. All bail agents are required by the law to be certified by the respective state.

What is bail?

A bail is money, property or some form of collateral pledged to the court in lieu for the release of the arrestee. When bail is posted, the defendant is set free from the jail till s/he is convicted. The bail amount is an assurance that the defendant will not flee away and will present before the court for all his/her hearings at the court.

What is collateral?

Collateral is personal property, like a piece of land, a house, etc. which an Indemnitor pledges to a bail company to secure the bail amount if defendant either flees away or fails to appear in the court. If any such incident occurs, bail agency has full right to seize the collateral.

What is reinstatement?

A reinstatement is a procedure through which if a defendant fails to appear in court can have their warrant canceled and bail bond reactivated. Reinstatement often comes with additional fees to the defendant.

What is a summary judgment?

A summary judgment is made in case a defendant fails to appear in court and seek reinstatement before the dead line. Once the summary judgment is issued by the judge, bail amount becomes due.

What is the meaning of being ‘cited out’?

If a person is cited out, he is given a promise to pay the citation fee and appear in the court at the appointed time. No jail time is required during citing out process, and therefore no bail is also needed. If the defendant fails to pay the citation fine or appears in the court, a warrant is issued.

Legal emergencies may arise anytime. These unpleasing situations can’t be avoided, but keeping yourself armed with the general knowledge of your rights, arrest process, legal terms, and bail bond procedure may help you come out of the situation fast.

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