Maria Elizabeth

Living with Joy

Why is it that as soon as we get something we have desperately wanted, we fear the loss of it? How do we free ourselves from anxiety so we can savor joy? How do we enjoy the present without worrying about the future?

I don't pretend to have the answers, but the questions are worth thinking about. I've wanted things so badly, thinking that when I got it, I would be so happy. And I was...for a short time. And then I started thinking about all the ways I could lose it, all the ways it could go wrong. This robbed me of my peace of mind and stole joy from me. Joy that I should have been able to revel in. I had sacrificed, been patient, worked hard; why couldn't I enjoy my success, experience fulfillment?

The older we get, the more we understand that life is fluid; full of millions of beginnings and endings. Part of sustaining joy is to have faith that every ending is followed by another beginning, that loss is always followed by discovey. While that is not always comfortable or necessarily joyful, it should bring us comfort, an assurance that we know how to rebuild, begin again, heal and move through loss to joy. That no matter what happens, we will find support, that if we seek love, healing, community, the universe will hear our sincere desire for fulfillment and help us on our journey, providing us with guidance and lessons.

We all come from different perspectives, we all have different stories, but there is more that binds us than separates us. Wherever or from whomever you find a message of unconditional love and support, allow it to uphold you in difficult times and give you the confidence to fully enjoy your moments of happiness and victory. Live without fear.

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