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9 Reasons Why You Need a Pantyhose Right Now

The history of fashion is a complex web where all trends intermingle to connect auras that represent a time, a theme and an era. It's never the same story again, what's in today might be out tomorrow.

But some stories are worth recalling, and these come back to become big hits in modern settings today. One such bygone trend is that of pantyhose.

This fashion wear represented novelty, style and class. It has worn by some because of their conservative mindsets and by others because of how they looked in them.

Even in the current time, this trend can rock the world of class and fashion and here are 9 reasons to start wearing them again:

1. Accessorize

An important part of being fashionable and getting ready is to complete your outfit by supplementing it with different kinds of accessories. Here we are not referring to nose rings or neck pieces but pantyhose. You can either complete your little black dress look with a black transparent pantyhose or go all 90s on your outfit and wear coloured ones to match or go with your tops or skirts. On the cold days, you can accessorize your outfit with a beanie and a pantyhose, as they both go well together.

2. Toeless Pantyhose

Pantyhose act as socks for warming for toes when wearing covered foot wear. However, they might give out an odd appearance when worn with sandals and heels like the one pictured above. Pantyhose which is toeless is heaven-made precisely for that purpose, so that you can rock looks and shoes without a second thought.

3. Warmth

If you're a dress lover and can't help but fall prey to the winters and give in then the answer to your problems is again pantyhose. They are extremely warm and comfortable and can protect your legs from being exposed to the winter chills. These help to wear whatever you like no matter what the weather is. Rather than wearing leggings inside your dresses that look a little off, it's a much better alternative and gives out a much more appealing vibe.

4. Professional Look

An important part of your professional life is how you represent yourself in front of others. When we don't directly communicating with others, what we're wearing takes over the lead and says it all. A person is what they wear, it represents their taste and choices. Women typically go for buttoned shirts and pencil skirts. Wearing a pantyhose underneath enhances the look and helps you look more skilled and seasoned. For those women hustling and working hard each day, this fashion wear is a must have in their wardrobes.

5. Hides Imperfections

If you've shy-ed away from exposing your legs because of some mole, varicose veins, marks or any other imperfection you have there, pantyhose provides a solution to that problem too. The world of fashion is for everyone and you don't need to compromise on your choices, but just find a way to mold things to suit you. Flaunt skirts and dresses and whatever you may while not being insecure about the way your legs look by wearing a pantyhose within. Try plain, patterned and all kinds to suit your style.

6. Can go out Without Waxing

Hair removal or waxing has come tortuously painful and time taking. But you don't need to let your waxing schedule dictate your wardrobe. Wearing a pantyhose ensures that your unshaved legs look just as stunning as when shaved. Wearing pantyhose is a style-statement in itself, they are extremely comfortable and fashionable at the same time.

7. Improves Appearance

This apparel is not only multi-purpose but also enhances your style. It makes legs seem thinner and shaped and the waist slimmer. Even up to date, millennial celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, Blake Lively among others have often been spotted flaunting these. What's your excuse not to?

8. Prevents Dryness

Exposing your legs under dresses can lead to dryness and an off-putting appearance without measures. Pantyhose is skin-fighting and ensures that your skin does not dry or crack. This is specially helpful in colder weather conditions when the skin is prone to dry out.

9. Hides body bulges

Bodycons and slim fit skirts might be a no-no to people because of how the body might look bulged out in them. Wearing a control top pantyhose ensures that your tummy is locked in and the bulges hidden.

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