Muhammad Rashid Farooq

A Short Guide to Catch A Great Number of Followers on Instagram

Nowadays, Instagram is known as the most demanding platform on social media. No matter you are a housewife, entrepreneur, health care person, or just a fun-loving individual, all you need is Instagram. You can use this app not only for entertainment but you can promote your brand as well. You have the best opportunity to enhance the visibility of your brand by sharing it with other people on the Instagram platform.

Instagram touches the sky within the first three months after the successful launch. Today, the figure is beyond your expectations, as it is closer to 700 million and will go far away. It shows that Instagram has been improved a lot and it is entirely different from when it first came to sight.

Everybody on Instagram is struggling to get more and more followers. To accomplish this goal, everybody tries different strategies. Here you will get to know about the most effective and practical tricks that you must follow. After making a successful account on Instagram, you have to cross the busiest road ever, which is the monstrous following on your profile.

Let's dig out the most useful tips!

Make Up Your Mind

Firstly, make sure what should be your theme of the Instagram profile. You must choose the most relevant theme to your product so that people can access your profile easily. To drive your audience on the right track, you have to start with your profile improvement. When you are all set, and you understand the purpose of being on Instagram, then you can proceed to the next step.

Connect With Top Influencers

While struggling for the significant number of followers you can use tricks that can drive your audience crazy for your brand. It can be possible only when you do things according to their choice. Getting connected with the top influencers can be a great trick. By doing so, you can grab the attention of millions of people who are already connected with those influencers.

After making an excellent choice of your theme, you must be specific about your niche and thoughts as well. All it happens when you are connected with top influencers because followers see you as one their influencers. Keep in mind that not everybody can influence others, only a particular number of people can emerge as influencers.


Here you must understand the value of the content. It is well said, that the content is the king!

Well, it’s more than 100 % true!

When you are adding content on Instagram, you have to know the value and outcomes of what you are posting. Your content can be in the form of photos, videos, or even simple text. Whereas, you can even make a blend of photos with your writing or just a video with your writing and it would be great for your post.

At least, find out the best ways to understand the needs of your audience and prepare your content according to that. Give it enough time to set theme ideas and most importantly your content. Mold your profile according to your targeted audience and always see your post from the perspective of your audience.

Hashtag Usage

Once your content is ready for publishing, you must be now wondering to know how your audience can discover your profile. Hashtags play a vital role here. The hashtag is a simple keyword with a # sign. You must have seen this hashtag sign while using social media and especially Instagram.

Your audience can easily find your profile with the help of hashtags that you have used. You can find anything on Instagram while using hashtags.

Bot Technology

Well, after applying all the methods to grow the audience, the majority of the users divert their attention towards bot technology. To buy Instagram followers on, you should always rely on a reliable source and never go after fake service providers.

Bot technology sometimes considered as the ultimate solution to get more Instagram followers, likes, and comments. Whereas, it is full of danger as your account can get banned and you can lose your worth on the Instagram platform.

So, you should always connect with a trustworthy service provider as compared to fake ones.

Key Opinion Leaders (KOL)

Most of the profiles and posts made by top influencers, you must have seen a specific regime used for hashtags. You have to follow their pattern of adding hashtags such as #dn or #kl. It shows that someone has definitely paid to reach his or her audience. Whereas, unpaid posts have less than 1,000 followers and the like rate is around 8 percent.

The rate drops to 4 percent within 1,000 and 10,000 followers, moreover it goes down from the point as followers increase. KOLs have to do double duty and help you in connecting with your audience.

Bottom Line

No matter what strategy you apply for boosting your Instagram growth, the primary goal is to get more and more followers, likes, and comments on the posts. By using these tricks you can get a benefit for sure, and you will get success in your goal.

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