Muhammad Rashid Farooq

Evaluation | Military Diet: An official diet that claims to be 3 pounds less than 5 pounds will not rebound?

The word “Military Diet”, which appeared frequently after a while, is related to the basic keywords of the article: American military recipes, 3 pounds, 3 pounds, no rebound, no hungry, can eat ice cream.

However, is this diet plan really like this?

Do you really have the ability to harm your body, lose weight quickly, and satisfy your appetite?

I wrote a bit of chaos. I originally planned to put a 3-day diet record. It’s just like thinking too much, I want to share too much, and I actually wrote more than 10,000 words... (


The cause of the incident is that a person is sick in the dormitory for a few days, and can't do anything else... (If you can't just lie for 3 days, don't you have nothing to eat, don't eat well?)... Suddenly think of this 3-day weight loss army diet. Plan - a diet plan that claims to not only reduce water, but also to eat ice cream every day without exercise. Many people have tried and tried it again and then repeatedly used it for emergency. Curiosity came up. After doing some research, I found that there are just some ingredients in the dormitory.

II. There is almost no requirement for the production, and the difficulty is low. Some people say that calcium is good for metabolism and help reduce fat. - Be curious about its real effects... Although I have personal opinions about any form of dieting (in any form, including reservations after the end of the three days), but thinking, is there only 3 days? It should not be very harmful to the body. Probably because it was only 3 days, it became the reason why many people tried the military diet substitutes ... However, put the conclusion to the forefront: even if it is only 3 days, I still don't recommend it.

III. After reading this all, you will understand, this is a low-calorie dieting method - from the first day of 1400 cards, the next day 1200 cards, the third day 1100 cards, to the four days of rest It can't exceed 1,500 cards per day, including the following (Q&A, Alternatives List, Calorie Calculation, and Do's & Don'ts). It can be used repeatedly, but it can't exceed the total calories; you can't use any flavor that adds extra calories. And so on, it has been repeatedly stated that I am a low-calorie diet that strictly controls total calories and requires long-term control.

IV. Does anyone know about the Minnesota Hunger Experiment? It is called the most anti-human experiment. 36 strong and strong young men, 3 months observation period, 6 months hunger period, 3 months recovery period, 3200 cards per day during the observation period, and 160-1700 cards per day during the hunger period (note! 1600-1700 cards!), then 36 people were hungry for different levels of mental disorder, even if they used the three-month recovery period, they did not restore their physical and mental health.

V. Some people were affected for a lifetime. (I am interested in Baidu to check the specific test situation and the specific 'mental disorder' people have experienced) The so-called Military in the name has nothing to do with the military and the army. The official introduction also said that it was named because it is because the process you are going to experience will be very tough and need to be adhered to, just like marching - but many evaluations Didn't mention this in the food, is it not at all to find such simple details, or is it intentionally ignored? Agnostic.

VI. I don't want any one who cares about my sister to go through the diet, which leads to a decline in physical function, the organ is no longer working, or even serious, which ultimately affects life and life, so terrible results, so hope, if you can pass some thinking Sharing to avoid a little detour is good.

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