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How to Build a Multi-Platform Strategy for Social Media Marketing

Since the last 2 to 3 years, businesses on social media are growing, and around 92% of small businesses plan to boost their investments in social media. Majority of the famous brands are connected with almost each social media platform for their business purposes.

Do you ever try to interlink your business through multiple platforms at a time? Most probably, you would say, yes! Well, if so, then how much have you get benefit out of it? Not as much as you expected, right?

So, what should you do in this regard? More chances are that you don’t have applied the most effective strategies to get the most out of it.

Have you heard the name of Rubik’s cube? It is a 3D combination puzzle that has different six faces and can be solved with the right strategies only. An approach that is used for multi-platform is just like a Rubik’s cube. Each social channel has its particular challenges. When you bring into line these platforms mutually, you will get most likely the impressive and useful results.

All you need is a deeper concentration as well as your attention. Doing so can be an overburdened task but keep in mind that there is no gain without pain.

By following some practical steps, you can expand your social media business to get the most expected results. According to a recent study, small businesses require a variety of resources ranging from internal staff to freelancers to management software of social media, to coordinate the presence on social media.

Great complications bring great rewards, and if you successfully solve this social media puzzle, then you can definitely have what you want. Your brand’s following will composite by expanding your brand across multiple networks. The engagement opportunities can be enhanced with cross promotions. Moreover, you have an option to boost your personality in a way to drive sales and keep hold of customers.

Let’s get started to find effective strategies for marketing on multiple platforms of social media.

• Make goals for social media that can solve business challenges

• Opt for the right social media platforms

• Make exclusive content for social media

• Promote your brand across multiple platforms

• Optimize your social media strategy after analyzing

Make Goals for Social Media That Can Solve Business Challenges

Practical strategies are those, which are embedded in pertinent objectives of the business. Without clear goals, you cannot handle plenty of social media marketing possibilities. Social media has the potential to:

• Produce leads

• Grow sales

• Provide customer support

• Expand brand awareness

• Improve customer loyalty and retention

The selection of your platform, content creation and strategies of your engagement determines your success. The success of your goals depends upon how you engage your audience on a particular platform. For instance, different content and language will use on LinkedIn for a lead generation campaign as compared to a brand awareness campaign on Instagram.

Each objective comes with its own set of key social media metrics. You can boost your brand awareness by focusing on engagement metrics such as followers, mentions, and shares. In the case of lead generation, you need to track downloads for gated content and clicks on social media posts.

Opt for the Right Social Media Platform

For better reach, you need to make your audience happy. You must have an idea of your customer needs and preferences even in terms of social network selections. By doing this, you can have a better reach along with the ample audience as well as a high return of Investment (ROI).

You can find your customers by examining the demographics of the most valuable social media channels. Each platform has exceptional pros and cons to engage your audience. Although, Facebook has 79% of adults, but the social giant may not be the best choice for your investments. Whereas, Instagram has more significant potential to outreach your audience growth and it can be a more up to date choice for your brand.

However, Instagram may fail if you are a SaaS (Software as a Service) company because it refuses to comply with visual representations. When it comes to visual, it includes photos and videos or any content, which has attractive features. From all over the world, users want to download Instagram videos and photos for multiple reasons.

Well, here Twitter works, where reading is not strange, and you can reach your tech-astute clients. After analyzing on which platform your audience spends most of their time, you are required to apply useful strategies on each platform. To grow Twitter account, users also run to buy Twitter followers, which can lead them into danger if they get fake some.

However, plenty of services are available on internet, who claims to provide real organic growth. Whereas, you need to read reviews of different services such as Social Steeze, RiseSocial and lots more.

You can have the best platform by using these tips.

• Facebook has the most extensive network and provides the lowest organic reach, whereas recompenses with actively paid advertising capabilities.

• Twitter play games with 140-character interactions and around 80% of them happen on mobile.

• Pinterest is mostly preferred by women and generates steady sales as compared to other platforms.

• Instagram renders the band value into the visual application, and it is famous among millennial and global users.

• LinkedIn accommodates the B2B community all across 200 countries. Besides, on average each user spends around 17 minutes on LinkedIn.

• Again, the female population and millennial users hold Snapchat to boom on video.

Make Exclusive Content for Social Media

Great exclusive content is the backbone of any effective social media strategy. Users follow a brand, which has authentic and fresh features. Use storytelling to form an emotional link with your followers and build a valuable relationship.

To align the persona of your brand with each channel is the primary challenge for you. You need to develop a theme for your content along with twisting your tone to have a flawless cross-platform experience.

Promote Your Brand Across Multiple Platforms

From one platform to others, you can leverage followers to grow. While promoting your brand across different platforms, you can have maximum reach, increased engagement, and fastest growth.

Plenty of tactics are here for you to cross-promote your brand on social media:

Adding Social Links to Your Profile

You must have your profile biography extremely noticeable and a perfect place to point out your other social profiles.

Offering Exclusive Content on a Particular Platform

Towards your other profiles, the unique content is a strong pull for you. The charm of highly valued resources while united with the alarm of missing out (FOMO), can be tempting.

Optimize Your Social Media Strategy After Analyzing

Before optimizing the strategies that you have made for multi-platforms, you need to analyze the performance of your campaign.

Final Thought

Focus on expanding your presence to intensify the outcomes of your social media marketing. Although, it is more demanding to administer your business with multiple social media platforms, however, the more your presence would be, the more fruits you will get.

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