Posture Brace vs Back Brace: What’s The Difference?

Posture braces and back braces can be used with similar effectiveness, but are actually designed for different purposes.

Posture braces are used to improve your comfort level, and they mostly designed to support your shoulders, or clavicle area, and the upper back. They help your posture by preventing slumping by pulling your shoulders back. Your body is then trained over a period of time to sit up straight in more of a therapeutic manner.

The back brace, on the other hand, fits around your lower back, and was created to restrict your movement when you have a serious injury, like a strain or sprain. They also can be used to support you while you are lifting heavy objects. Some back braces are created to treat more serious medical conditions like Scoliosis.

Posture Safety: Don’t Wear A Brace 24/7

It’s worth noting that most posture braces should not be worn 24/7. Most are designed to be worn between 30 minutes to a few hours each day.

Remember, the goal of a posture trace is to re-train your muscle memory – not become a crutch! You should never use a posture brace for many hours over an extended period of time, as you won’t get as much muscle development when depending on a brace.

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