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Everything you need to know about Italian classic furniture

Italian furniture is in demand and popular all over the world. Its presence in the interior speaks of a high status, financial solvency and excellent taste of the owners of the house. It successfully combines the old traditions of Italian furniture craftsmen with innovative technologies and modern materials. Real Italian furniture, both upholstered and cabinet, is made from natural raw materials, has a design close to the classic style direction, corresponding to the latest trends in capricious fashion. Its high quality workmanship is confirmed by international certificates.

Discover collections with luxury Italian furniture

A real highlight of Italian furniture is its sophisticated decor. Inlays of metal, glass, mirrors, genuine leather, rattan and bamboo, as well as hand carving, patina, gilding, etc. are used as it. Modern manufacturers of Italian furniture offer a large selection of stylish models for every taste and budget.

From the history of Italian furniture

The history of Italian furniture goes back many centuries. Initially, small family textures were engaged in its manufacture. Since the competition among them was huge, all models were made conscientiously, most often manual labor was used, less often primitive machines for rough work.

Furniture from Italy became popular in Old Europe during the Renaissance, when the authentic Roman style came into fashion, a feature of which was bright undisguised luxury. It was expressed in rich gilding, expensive upholstery, artistic carving, silver jewelry, inlays with gems, precious and semi-precious stones. From those ancient times to the present day, Italian furniture has been made from natural materials.

Each Italian region has a special furniture style, by which you can easily guess the belonging of a particular piece of furniture to a particular factory or manufactory, for example:

During the Rococo era, Italian furniture turned into a real work of art and “acquired surnames”. She began to be "recognized" by the names of the best Italian furniture craftsmen of that time. In the era of classicism, furniture from Italy acquired its characteristic features, and after 100 years it was supplemented with naturalistic decor. At the beginning of the twentieth century, the worldwide popularity of Italian furniture was slightly shaken, it began to be actively replaced by competitors - Scandinavian furniture companies, offering their products to consumers, which are distinguished by modern forms and restrained style. But, as it turned out, this is not sunset yet, Italian furniture is still in trend now.

Italian furniture today

Modern Italian furniture is chosen by adherents of the classic interior style. It looks equally good in spacious private houses, luxuriously decorated city apartments and country cottages. Its distinctive features, which can be called advantages, include the use for the manufacture of all models without exception:

Natural wood - oak, walnut, ash, alder, cherry, mahogany, etc.

High-quality upholstery fabric - natural leather and expensive textiles, on some models it is allowed to imitate natural fabrics, but only of the highest quality.

Modern fittings that provide each piece of furniture with ease of use and expand its functionality.

Stylish and elegant decorative elements - gold leaf, handmade carvings, patina, mosaics, etc.

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Italian branded furniture is manufactured at the own production facilities of well-known Italian furniture factories and is subject to quality control at every stage, up to packaging and shipment to the consumer.

Popular brands of Italian furniture

Italian furniture is in demand and popular all over the world. Europen citizens are actively buying furniture from Italy to complement designer home interiors. The following Italian brands are steadily in demand, offering a wide range of models to domestic consumers:

The history of this brand dates back to the middle of the last century. The bed, made in the original Florentine style, brought her fame. As of today, the brand is renowned for its stunning bedrooms, each of which is unique and exclusive.

This factory was founded in the 60s of the last century. Its products immediately became in demand all over the world. Its distinctive features include the classic style and the presence of hand-carved decoration.

This brand is known for at least 3 generations of true connoisseurs of real furniture from Italy. Under it are sold magnificent upholstered furniture that has an unsurpassed look, practicality and durability.

This brand is considered to be the standard of luxury and grandeur. He made connoisseurs of classical style take a fresh look at the furnishings of living rooms and bedroom apartments. The furniture sold under it will organically complement the design interior, create an atmosphere of comfort and home coziness, and emphasize the status and success of the owners.

Turri. This brand has its own special style, which makes it easily recognizable by true connoisseurs of Italian furniture art. Furniture for home and office is sold under it - stylish, practical and durable, designed in a classic style.

And these are not all Italian brands whose furniture is in demand among European consumers. It is impossible not to mention TM Angela Bizzarri, Asnaghi Interiors, Bellato, Cassina and other factories that offer us a wide range of stylish and modern models.

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