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Interior Design for a Classic House

The engineers and architects that are part of the Nobili Design team are proud to have a vast portfolio of projects for different types of residential properties and more.

A classic house implies a lot of detailed work and a in-depth study of each house. Each project is discussed beforehand with the client, because his wishes and his vision are the primary source of inspiration for the team at Nobili Design. The classic interior design style has remained just as popular as it was in the previous years and it continues to be at the top of the owners’ wish list when it comes to designing mansions and houses.

The specialists from the interior design firm work solely with the top Italian manufacturers, so each furniture piece chosen for a classic house will certainly be a top selection. This type of furniture is beautifully adorned and it is quite imposing which will surprise you with its sculpted details and curvy lines, no matter if we are talking about sofas, dressings or tables and chairs. In order for the entire ambiance to evoke that refinement and classic allure, the specialists suggest massive light-colored furniture manufactured in Italy. These manufacturing companies for classic furniture have superior materials and the execution of these pieces is flawless.

Enthusiastic about classic interiors, you are constantly wondering how these masterpieces are created. We found a man who painted us all the stages of creating a classic interior.

We rarely talk about classics, because there are not so many specialists in this style. Today we are incredibly lucky - designer Gabriella Elena shared her rich experience in working with classic interiors and even showed her own sketches.

They are returning to the classics. Why? Probably, not even living in a classic setting in childhood, modern people have a genetic memory, the memory of several generations. And even if your ancestors plowed the earth and stood at the machine, they always remain in the family and objects of past times are passed from generation to generation. It can be a screen of the great-grandmother of the gymnasium, or a mirror in a twisted frame, or a bag with beads, or a painted casket.

Literature lessons at the school told us about the lives of the heroes with a description of the life of urban houses and landowners' estates. Illustrations in books and photographs of noble and merchant "nests" complemented the overall picture.

From the world history of the XIX - early XX centuries, we gathered information about the features of the styles of foreign countries. And even if you don’t understand the names, it’s enough to recall the names of prominent figures, how the pictures of the situation of that era appear before your eyes and it becomes clear what time and style it belongs to. It turns out that each of us received an education at school, giving an idea of ​​the life of society in the 19th - early 20th centuries.

The classical style in the interior is of interest to mature people who have achieved stability in life, have already survived a period of experimentation and, at the same time, are able to appreciate the variety of classic details with their complex carvings, various textures and prints on fabrics.

Browse through books on architectural styles and save a selection of details that you like. It can be columns, arches, gypsum cornices, forged gratings, mirrors, fabrics and more.

Find an assistant interior design consultant specializing in classic styles. It will be difficult to do without professional help.

3. The concept

With the designer, it is first of all necessary to develop layout options with zoning and furniture arrangement.

What was the classic layout of the apartments of the late XIX - early XX century? As a rule, two entrances to the apartment were two entrances - the front door and the black one; a corridor, on one side of which there were personal rooms of family members, and on the other, a suite of front rooms (living room, dining room, fireplace, and others).

If you want to repeat this option, then you need to focus on the corridor system with G- and U-shaped corridors. The enfilade layout of the rooms was associated with the design features of the buildings of those times, requiring frequent supports for floors. In modern buildings, it became possible to open large spaces, to make panoramic windows.

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At the stage of planning decisions, you must immediately decide whether you will observe the classical symmetrical layout or stop at the “game” with classic details, interior design studio | design interior case buzau. The layout includes up to 80% of information on interior design. This is the most important stage on which it depends on whether the implementation of the project will go smoothly or with constant adjustments and alterations in the process. At this stage, you need to spend a maximum of time and think everything through several moves forward, interior design beauty salon | interior design modern apartment | design interior case | mobila living clasica preturi | mobila dormitor modern italia | design interior casa giurgiu| design interior cluj napoca | design interior sibiu |

The layout decision depends on both the initial type of the apartment (with external and internal outlines) and the budget allocated for the implementation.

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All design elements of the apartment can be divided into wall (cabinets, niches, panels, kitchens and other storage systems) and those that can be moved or bypassed (freestanding columns, sofas, armchairs, tables and chests of drawers), fete de masa rotunde nunta | fete de masa rotunde pret | design interior apartamente | dormitoare moderne italia | firme design interior bucuresti

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Any flaws in the implementation will make the interior incomplete. You can take the path of simplification: highlight the basic elements in a classic solution, and wardrobes and doors can be taken more simply or in a modern style, fete de masa evenimente de vanzare | fete de masa rotunde bumbac | design interior apartament constanta | studio design bucuresti | design interior galati |

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