Choosing #1 Pregnancy Pillow

Whatever form the pregnancy pillow has, it is easy to “customize” it to your own preferences. For example, if your neck gets very tired, you can take a small pillow and place it under the cervical region, or use a long “banana”, sitting on it with your whole body: from the hips to the top.

Here are some tips on sleeping on a pillow for pregnant women.

U-pillow - is used in various ways depending on the size: small ones are put on the stomach during sleep on the side, large ones can be “saddled” by skipping one part behind and the other in front of the whole body.

G-pillow - put the straight end of the pillow under the head, and skip the rest in front of the body so that the belly is located on the soft part. Optionally, you can throw one foot on the pillow.

G-pillow - put your head on the short part and skip the long part along the body, putting the tummy on it.

I-pillow - depending on the size can be enclosed under certain areas (lower back, neck, back, knees) or under the whole body. From it is easy to design a cozy seat on a chair or sofa.

At the time of purchase, pay attention to the extra pillowcases for pregnant women. They will help maintain the necessary level of hygiene, and you will not often have to wash the pillow itself. Covers can also be purchased separately by selecting products with various impregnations, such as relaxing lavender, which has beneficial effects on aloe vera skin or on antibacterial bamboo.



During pregnancy, the main problem was a normal sleep. Well, I couldn’t manage to take a normal position - I didn’t always know where to put my stomach. Born girlfriends in one voice advised to buy a special pillow. Long chose, but decided shikanut and bought the most expensive of those that I caught - "Theraline". It cost the largest 190x35 cm in 2013 4,000 rubles - money, I must say, decent.

Ordered on the Internet and barely waited for the parcel. Has opened - full delight! Inside the pillow there are polystyrene balls 1 mm in size, so it precisely adjusts to the shape of the abdomen, back, and waist. In short, wherever you put it, in any case it is convenient. The cover is removed, so it can be washed.

But my joy was not to last for a long time - a pillow was enough for about 3 months. By that time, I had the deadline, however, came up, but I wanted to apply it after birth. In terms of volume, it decreased by half, it became not so airy. For such a price I would like to get a more durable product.


A wonderful husband decided that I definitely needed a special pillow during pregnancy and made a gift. Unfortunately, there was not much choice in the store, and I had to take this pillow in the shape of "C". Arranged for quality and very pleasant cover material. Inside the pillow is a holofiber that does not cause allergies, which is valuable for an adult, and even more so for a child. Sleeping with her really became more convenient. And you can put it on a chair so that you can sit more gently. You can wear the lower back and get comfortable on the couch. It was useful when feeding the baby. From it, I also constructed something like a playpen, so that my little tot would not crawl away far away or end up on the floor, playing. In general, there are obvious “advantages” from using the “Grace” pillow from the Russian factory “Smart Textiles”.

And now about the "cons". Firstly, I could not find an extra pillowcase (perhaps I just had no luck). I had to sew to order for 800 rubles. Secondly, a year later the pillow was not strong, but it was crumpled - the filler was slightly compressed. Thirdly, it is quite large and takes up space. But with all the shortcomings, the cushion of sane money is worth it (2.5 thousand rubles for 2014), and it fully performs its functions, and the quality does not lose for a long time. In general, I'm happy with my husband's gift.


How much information I had on the Internet I shoveled, until I found the ideal pillow for pregnant women. Each manufacturer was evaluated according to many criteria: so that the price would not be broken, to offer a large selection of shapes and colors, and to have convenient delivery. I learned for a long time about which cushion filler is better. As a result, my choice fell on the Russian firm Mamushka, from whom I bought a bagel pillow in a bamboo case. The pillow is small, so it does not take up much space and, if necessary, easily folds back into the packaging bag. At the same time it is very comfortable to sleep on it. Inside the pillow is a holofiber. There were also models with a synthetic winterizer, artificial down and balls, but I chose holofiber because it does not cause allergies, parasites do not start up in it, and it almost does not absorb odors. My little pillow is light, but rather elastic: after you stop pushing with your hand, it returns to its former form.

For washing, you need to remove the filler from the pillow and wash the cover in a typewriter on a careful mode. It is made from 100% cotton and has a zipper that does not cling to the laundry and does not leave puffs, which is also a huge “plus”. The pillow itself is very well made, there is nothing to complain about. There is a thick edging along the entire perimeter, so that the pillow will not tear at the seams. Bribed and the cost - only 1000 rubles. True, you can buy an extra pillowcase for almost the price of a pillow - 700-1000 rubles. I sleep with my pad in different ways: either I put it under my stomach (one tip - under the pug, the other - between the knees), then I will lie down on my back. I used to wake up sometimes with a headache, apparently due to an uncomfortable position in my sleep, but the pillow helped to eliminate this problem. I am very pleased - such quality at a similar price is rare now.


During pregnancy, complications occurred regularly, so bed rest was often observed. When I was constantly lying on my back, my legs were numb, and when I turned on my side, my stomach was pulling so that I was afraid of trouble. It was not possible to accept the normal situation until I was presented with a girlfriend from work by a pillow. But first, they brought their two on trial. It seemed to me harsh with balls - it was pressing on my stomach and I was uncomfortable. But with holofiber I appreciated.

Received her gift and the rest of the pregnancy did not leave him. The length is 190 cm, so the pillow is enough to put everything under. You can take a part - under the head, the rest - under the body and stomach, and the rest - clasp your legs. In the afternoon, I folded it like a chair and unloaded my back perfectly - sitting or reclining on it. It is also convenient to place it under the knees to relax the legs. In my opinion, such a pillow is simply universal. You can use it as you please. By the way, this manufacturer has pillows of any shapes and sizes and the cost is quite good. Recommend!

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